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Thanks to Dayfox3050, we now have pictures of the new Tempest, Fleet Issue Tempest, Vargur, Megathron, Stabber, Fleet Issue Stabber, Vagabond, and even Gurista Shuttle Models.

And they look sweet..


What part of awesome is this not?  The lines are still rustic, but no longer as “broken up” as it used to be.  My particular favorite thing is what they did with the main bridge area.  Preferably I would have liked it to have been shorter this time around, but it does look much more reinforced, like it can stand a hit or two.  I also really like how they changed to lower “wingy bit”, almost looks like it folds up when docked.  And the engine section is much sexier and much cooler than before too.  Very impressive update.


How can you not love this new hotness?!  The addition of the drone bay looks great, and the model itself looks both more subdued but sleeker and aggressive.  Too bad I can only barely fly one.

Fleet Issue Tempest

Okay, I have one of these in my hanger, and right now it just spins.  From the pictures though, the Fleet Issue looks little different from the Standard issue Tempest..aside from the fact that it is black in color.  The lower sail seems to have some bigger components, but it is hard to tell at this angle.  All in all, it still looks good.


I don”t know what to say, other than.. WOW!  This.. this is so.. beautiful!  It retains some of the classic Tempest look, but the changed bridge and the very cool radiator fins give it that “Bird of Prey” look, like some sort of dark harbinger of doom as you see it in the pale moon light.  Yeah, I’m mixing films, but this ship definately looks like it could bring it and lay it all out.  Looks like I need to buy one.

Now, thanks to the efforts of Eve Online players to bring back the Thrills and Chills of a certain ship’s Dragon-like fins.  We have these new models:


Oh, but it wasn’t just the Stabber that got re-modeled, but so did this:

Fleet Issue Stabber

And if both of those got changed, and if you liked both of them.  Well, prepared to be WOW’d beyond any words I have said so far.  Introducing, the one, the only, the ship that made Minmatar into Winmatar, the ship that brought the players out in DROVES when its looks were changed, the SHIP THAT HAS NO EQUAL!!!!…


Oh yeah, CCP.. they did good.  I’ll be flying mine just to show off.

And if that wasn’t what you were looking for, then here.. have a new Shuttle:

Hehe, not bad.. not bad at all.

Remember, drolling and keyboarding don’t mix.  Btw, here is the link to the pics in Imgur.  These new Minmatar models kinda make me wonder if they read my blog post way back when..