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CCP Fozzie announced today the initial change to E-War, specifically mentioning that these changes aren’t the final view that CCP is undertaking in regards to all of E-War, but just essentially a bandage to fix some current issues. 


The first change involves ECM, in which CCP Fozzie writes:

*Reduce Optimal Range and Falloff of all ECM modules by 10%
*Add to the Optimal Range and Falloff bonus on ECM range bonused ships by 2.5% for the Blackbird and Tengu Obfuscation Manifold (bringing it to 12.5%) and 5% for the Scorpion (bringing it to 25%)
*Add four new racial sensor compensation skills that increase each type of Sensor Strength by 5% per level (Requires Electronics 4, rank 3 skills in the Electronics category)

So, a reduction in range of about 5 to 6km pre-skilled (on the Meta 0 model), but supplemented by an additional total range bonus of 25% for the Blackbird and Tengu and a 50% total range bonus for the Scorpion.  The only downside to this is the racial sensor compensation skills that EVERYONE will have to train, and that means that I have five skills that I have to get to level V asap IF I just want to keep things at the current status quo.  Great…

Remote Sensor Dampeners

The next change is regarding Sensor Dampeners.  Sensor Dampeners have been hit pretty hard these last few expansions and their use has dropped significantly.  Especially since ECM does the same thing, only more effectively (though it does have a chance to fail).  Here’s what he had to say:
*Increase Optimal Range of all Remote Sensor Dampeners by 20%
*Set the Damp strength bonus on Damp bonused ships to 7.5% per level

Wow!  They definately got love.  20% range right off the bat bring the base range of a Tech 1 Sensor Dampener to 30km instead of 25km, and all Sensor Dampening ships will have a strength bonus improved by 12.5%.  Yeah, I’d say that is a strong improvement over how things are.

Tracking Disruptors

The third change involved Tracking Disruptors.  Earlier this year, there was strong indications that these modules will be vastly improved, including having the ability to disrupt missile systems, something it could not do before.  While the missile change has not yet reached our server, many of the other changes did.  As usual the changes were decried on the Eve-O forums by everyone who thought that it might disrupt their routine, and upon closer examination, CCP agreed.. sort of:

*Reduce TD base module effectiveness by 5%
*Set the TD strength bonus on all TD bonused ships to 7.5% per level

So, TD’s effectiveness got reduced, so you aren’t going to see them used as much as was planned, however TD based ships will be given a subsequent boost, to make them more dominant on the field of battle.  I am actually a bit miffed at this one, because I trained this to the same level as my Target Painting skills a couple months ago, and now they aren’t going to be all that effective on many of the ships I had planned to use it on.

Target Painters

Finally, we come to the red-headed stepchild of the E-War world, the Target Painter.  There have been calls for changes to this module for years, mainly because in principle, the module gets less effective as the target gets bigger (which essentially makes it the worst Force Multipler in the game).  CCP however, decided that it should not be left out, and made this change:

*Set the TP strength bonus on TP bonused ships to 7.5% per level for T1 and 10% per level for T2

This means that you are going to see more TP fit Huginns and Rapiers (looks like the Armor Tanked Huginn might be back in style then..), and with a well trained TP pilot, now you can expect Frigates and Destroyers to be removed from the field much quicker if one of these guys in around.  However, the effect against larger targets will still be negligable.. except for the fact that these could make battleships much easier to hit from capital class Dreads and Titans.


Well, the post is here.  If this is a temporary solution.. I can get behind it.  But I am not real keen on making E-War modules so weak that they will never be put on any non-Ewar ship.  I think that would be counterproductive in a game where each ship should have multiple effective setups, not just 1 or 2 “min/max” variants.