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Out of Game Perspective

First off, if you haven’t dropped over to Eveoganda yet, do so ASAP.  The reason is pretty simple.  Rixx decided to do something that I suspect no one at CCP tried to do (in fact, not to many of us other blokes tried it either), and that was to mimic some completely uninitiated-to-Eve sports nut see if he could enjoy the Eve Open Tournament. 

Here is his response.  Go ahead and read it.

You’ll notice quite a few things that, frankly, are “duh!”, and there were three points that absolutely need to be address before CCP tries something like this again.

No.1 Point – No women.  At all.  Sorry, but when you are trying to entertain a crowd of geeks, having female geeks reporting would be a sure bonus.  Smart, female game geeks are rare, and getting one or two of them as commentators would have been a huge plus to a game already dominated by men.  In addition, remember that geek chicks are hot right now even among the normal populace.. so take advantage of that for bringing in new players.  Second, don’t make women the ONLY commentators.  For women commentators to do well, they need to be on equal footing with male commentators.

No. 2 Point – This is one I commented on in an earlier post.  Dark spaceships in dark space does not equal easy to see excitement.  That coupled with the “spreadsheets-in-space” lingo that ever serious Eve player knows instinctively, don’t make an Eve Online Tournament easy to see or follow.

No. 3 Point – This third point, that being once a team got two or more kills above the other side the match was already decided, is a good one.  To be honest, I am not sure if its because these guys are so focused that any mistake on either side can be effectively capitalized on or if it is because of how the match was set up.  Still, it is a good point.  How can there be any suspense or excitement when there is no potential for a “Hail Mary” (an American Football Term) win?

CSM Strikes Again

The CSM was busy again on reddit recently and put forward this paper on some overall goals they were planning on with CCP.  The good news is that the CSM is really pushing for maintaining the current Tiercide project, getting POSes revamped, getting the Mittani’s “Farms and Fields” underway along with getting Ring-Mining delved into.

The bad news?  Doesn’t appear that Supercap Proliferation is being talked about.  To me, you can’t address soverignty successfully until you remove supercaps from being the “I Win” button of null-sec sov.  I made a comment on the reddit post, and hopefully we’ll see some traction.  I know the CSM is wildly divided about this issue, with Seleene and Elise sort of the side of “What Problem?” to Aleks, Hans, and Greene Lee who are on the opposite end.

Also, Hans has put out a blog post on his recent communications here, which I am still reading up on.