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Yeah, yeah.. I’m still not back in Eve Online.  Probably won’t be for about two to three more months too, as it is kind of nice to feel the malise of that politically charged universe slowly ebb away, giving my soul a chance to breath pure Real Life air.  In addition, I am remember why I game.. and this is to have FUN!  Which, as fun as Eve Online can be at times, its meta world plus general complexity can cause you to forget that simple premise.

But, anyways, back to what I am originally writing about, and that is World of Tanks!  I added a few more tanks to my garage and currently I sport a Russian KV-1 and one of the new British Churchill Is.  So let me start talking about them:

Matilda – the UK version of the M3 Lee, only slower… much, much slower.

I had to include this because.. well because, it sucked.  Horribly.  I hear a lot of complaints about the M3 Lee, yeah.. M3 Lee WAS the worst tank in the game.. but it has been subplanted by the Matilda.  First off, the Matilda is slow.  VERY slow.  Single digit speeds slow.   Unless going down hill, where you MIGHT reach speeds in the low teens.  The tank is so slow, when you look at a map, expect to only cross half of it before the timer goes off or before you get discovered and destroyed.  Upgrading the engine only gives a slight improvement of speed, where you go from 8-10 km/ph to around 12-14 km/ph.

Now, you would think that with the slow speed, it would have some advantage like a good gun or good armor.  Nope on both accounts.  You are a sitting duck.  In addition, one of the guns you train up looks big, but in fact, is a howitzer.. ie a ballistic arc gun similar to what the SPGs mount.  Even the best direct fire gun only took off small bits of the enemy tank.  The only benefit was that you could reload relatively fast… though it was never fast enough to make any real dent in even the lightest of tanks.

Churchill I – Not bad, but the road there can be bumpy

So, I have this nice, ugly Churchill I in my garage.  It is a marvel in British Engineering, particularly since after you done training the Matilda, ANYTHING is a substantial improvement.  At least Wargaming was kind enough to allow you to get to the Churchill via the Light Tank line as well.  The downside to this tank is that you start off with a fairly weak Tier IV gun, which really doesn’t do much damage to anything.  You need to upgrade it significantly before you become a terror on the field.. and those upgrades are buried under quite a few less than stellar intermediate guns.  One of the early purchases that I didn’t do right off were the Tracks.  The stock versions are pretty weak and won’t handle many of the upgrades.  Either way, expect to hang back behind other tanks as support.

KV-1 – Um, wow… and I thought they were just kidding…

I finally had enough of the rumors and decided to see if Russian tanks had really been overpowered.  While I can’t give a detailed analysis, let’s just say that getting to the KV-1 was easy, and I seem to survive and kill a whole lot more with the KV-1 than I have with any other Tier V tank (aside from the pre-patch PZ IV medium German tank).  The clincher seems to be when you get the upgraded turret and the 85mm cannon.  The 85mm is a nice mix of accurate range and hitting power.  Tier IV lights lose about 50% of their hitpoints in one shot, versus what I have thus far on the Churchill (even though it takes more experience to train the Churchill I up).  It really is a front line tank and has really strong survivability.  So far the KV-1 is the strongest Tier V tank I have been in, as it remains a strong contender with a crew in their 70% skill range and not fully upgraded.

The big plus is that it is an easy money maker.  Even with my non-Premium account, its not uncommon for me to bring in between 13k and 20k AFTER repairs and rearming.

Tiger II – Still Bringing the Noise

I am now well versed in using my Tiger II, and with my crew trained fully, it makes an excellent city fighter and counter-attack tank.  My typical tactic is to keep behind the main push of our squad, letting the scouts get a feel for who is where and seeing what how the enemy is set up.  The Tiger II’s speed with a decent tank and the hard-hitting Tier IX 10.5cm gun can really slow down or stall an advance.  Just don’t expect to make money on it.

JagdPanther – Still got the moves

My son now uses the Jagdpanzer IV, which I will have say has been very much improved since the time I drove one.  The Jagdpanther doesn’t seem to be a hardy as it used to be, but the main cannon (I use the 88mm) still hits nicely at range.  However, it is clear that I need to spend more time behind the wheel as my prowess using it has started to falter.  I am noticing that I am taking more pay home from each battle, so maybe its not so bad.

Hummel – My Hummel is getting Pummelled

Some days I am like the finger of God in this thing, smiting enemies that dare to even let a corner of their tank show.  Other times I am the finger of Micheal J Fox off of his meds, on a rollar coaster.  Right now I the latter.  I have had multiple fights recently where I almost didn’t bring home any cash (something that NEVER happened, even on a REALLY bad day for me).  Just gotta spend more time on it, I guess.

Skill-wise I am getting close to may next purchase, but I’m not sure if I should go with the GWPanther or with the Ferdinand.