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Already, several people have quipped up about becoming members of CSM 8, officially proclaiming that they are the best thing for the next CSM because the previous CSM didn’t do “x”, “y”, or “z” and clearly “x”, “y”, and “z” were so important to the lifeblood of Eve Online that to not discuss them immedately is the worst thing to happen since AIDS, diabetes, and reality shows.

Those in the United States are right now coming off of a very.. protracted… political fight wherein it was proven that Evolution is false, because according to Evolution, species progress from one variant to a more advanced and intelligent variant.  That clearly did not happen this year and I’m pretty sure if evolution was true than sloths would be ruling over us because they are certainly smarter  (and quicker decision makers) than some of the people put forth as political candidates.  In fact, I’m quite sure that some of those very same candidates should instead be fitted with a large red safety helmet, a reflective vest, and be allowed to play in the street as their resulting antics would be far more intellectually stimulating than anything that actually came out of their mouths.

So how does this relate to the CSM, and in particular, CSM 8?

Well, it wasn’t all that long ago when politicians, even in the US, understood that once an election was over, that this was the time to actually get work done.  Amazing, right?  But, ever since the advent of the 24-hour news cycle, some weaker minded people thought it would be a grand idea to start campaigning for the next election right after the finish of the last election.  As if somehow, they can foretell what is going to happen (You know, those that ARE good at foretelling the future either a.) Won, or b.) Knew they wouldn’t win so didn’t run at all.  Just saying..).  In a crazy, mixed up world like ours, such a stance is impossible to justify or even to ponder.  So the people who campaign immediately after an election clearly know less about everything than the people who actually voted.

Now, some of those who think they are REALLY smart try to, um, slide their agendas in on the premise that they are looking out for you because they champion a.) what people want or b.) what the situation requires.  It’s cute really because setting up my Satellite TV, which requires only a minimal amount of intelligence, is far more challenging than seeing through the wisp of a smokescreen that some candidates erect.  The same thing is starting to happen again with CSM 8.  Considering that CSM 7 hasn’t even finished yet and that CCP really hasn’t told us much about what their year to two year forecast will be, it seem pretty naive to say that anyone, right now, is prepared to be on CSM 8.

So to all those who have started to go into full on campaign mode for CSM 8, just stop.  Do yourself a favor, just relax and let the chips fall where they may.   When everything is on the table for everyone to see, then decide whether or not to run a campaign.  That way you’ll start off at least looking like you are a thoughtful and intelligent person.