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Well, if you haven’t read the December CSM Minutes.. wow, you are missing a lot.  But, you aren’t going to be missing anything about any upcoming expansions or the like.  Rather, you missed the exchanges that happen.  And those exchanges, give us a pretty interesting view on how things are looking for the future of Eve Online.

But first, let me give you some really quick interesting notes on what the December CSM Minutes covered.  Concepts and thoughts I thought were interesting..

Topic #1 – Eve Online, the Next Decade

  • CCP Seagull takes on the position of head of Eve Online Product Development.  Now, all expansions will be based off of a Theme and each Theme will now interact with gamers at the Customer Level, the Player Level, and at the Character level.  All future expansions will be tied to a particular theme that addresses various subgroups: Instigators, Enablers, Lurkers, Followers, and Small Scale Leader.  The metric looks a lot like this:

Expansion Themes

  • Think of every expansion from now on as being another “Apocrypha” in development.

Topic #2 – CSM as Stakeholder

  • CSM now going to brought in earlier and CSM promises to be committed to quick turnaround times, which they proved they could do this last time around.
  • There will be some strangeness with the next expansion because they are changing from the old way of doing things to the new way of doing things, so the summer expansion might not fully follow the “themes” principle.

Topic #3 – CSM Whitepaper and Elections

  • Lots of discussion about giving CCP more leeway in kicking off deadbeat CSM members.  Also lots of discussion on changing how voting is done.  Aside from having CCP Xhagen doing more for kicking off CSM members, the rest of the time appeared just to be a wash.

Topic #4 – Null-sec Part One.

  • Everyone basically said that null-sec needs more options for smaller fleets and more goals that can be accomplished specifically by small fleets.  Popular ideas about industry being more efficient or more effective, or having better access to minerals were floated again in this meeting.
  • POSes got brought up where in CCP Greyscale basically said, “Um, you believed me?!  HAHAHAHA!”  It is my opinion that CCP Greyscale has the type of mind where he brainstorms a whole lot, but the part of his brain that says, “Well, let’s think about this before we say it.” doesn’t seem to be very well exercised.  Since CCP Greyscale himself was the guy who really got us excited about modular POSes, it’s pretty arrogant of him to suddenly say that we shouldn’t believe him.  CCP Devs also said that they were working on something POS related, but it would only affect a small number of players.
  • Apparently nobody at CCP thought that the main reason so few people put up POSes is that, while they clearly are an opportunity to add some individuality to the game, the current pigeonholed use makes POSes practical to only a small number of people.
  • Thoughts on new content, “creation” versus “destruction”, and avoiding the current pain of structure grinding were also thrown around.
  • Side Note: Trebor’s idea of requiring a “Supercap Core” is awesome.  The idea is that in order to build a new supercap, you need a “supercap core”, which has a chance from dropping from ultra rare NPCS and other destroyed supercaps.  Trebor, push it.  That IS the solution to the supercap proliferation problem.

Topic #5 – Null-sec Part Two.

  • Basically two thoughts:  “Why should you want to go to null-sec?”  and “Why would you undock when there?” were discussed in detail.  Honestly, I still think my Distributed Challenge idea has merit, but I’m not on the CSM and I’m not a dev, so it probably won’t get any traction again.

Topic #6 – Ship Balancing

  • CCP Fozzie is awesome.  And he is working on Black Ops, Command Ships, and EAFs soon.  Plus, Minmatar Caps are definately going to get reviewed because, they aren’t ideal.

Topic #7 – Faction Warfare

  • Awesome, but still need tweaks.  Also needs to have more impact in the Eve Universe.  The end.

Topic #8 – Bounty Hunting

  • Works and works well.  CSM should have come in earlier, but aside from that it does work as intended.  Payouts should be adjusted higher.

Topic #9 – Mercenaries, War, and Crimewatch

  • This was basically a discussion about human behavior.  Crimewatch changes were well received, however, though some minor changes would be nice.

Topic #10 – Eve UI

  • Interesting discussion about the how the UI works and changes that are being made.  Nothing really jumped out as “Wow!” to me, and nothing in the Eve UI probably will until we can having completely customizable interfaces.

Topic #11 – Live Events

  • I live in the Pacific Time Zone, plus I work late, which means that Live Events are rare for me.  Needless to say, they did have a nice discussion about creative live events in the future.

Topic #12 – CREST

  • I’m not a programmer, but if you are, definately read through this.

Topic #13 – Out of Client

  • One VERY cool thing, the discussion that changing skills might be handled through Eve Gate, also a potential Web-based ship fitting tool that can be saved to personal/corp/alliance.

Topic #14 – Player Experience

  • A lot of this stuff has already hit Tranquility, so no reason to go over it.  Other things like improving the “flow” of the game and getting both corps to be more active in recruiting as well as getting new players to understand how to get into the corps they want to be in.

Topic #15 – ART

  • Summer V3 project will work on non-player structures like gates, stations, interiors, drones, etc.  Art department also seemed to be on board with Modular POSes and overall, the ART Department is not the bottleneck of the system.

Topic #16 – Eve Economy

  • Lots of interesting stats.  Nothing jumps out except that the Tiercide project is making Frigate pilots lose more ships.  This is good because it means frigate use has increased.

Topic #17 – Eve Marketing

  • About the only thing important was that CCP is not opposed to adding video recording software to Eve, so that players can make their own videos and do it easier.

Topic #18 – Customer Loyalty

  • Lots of suggestions based on Milestones or Tokens.  They are still pondering the good/bad of each.

Thoughts On Local

So, there has be a lot of discussion about “Local”.  You know, local chat.  Now, I have heard the arguments about how local should be like wormhole space, but usually those arguments fall flat because without local as it is, PVP will happen much less.  The problem with local isn’t that its bad, the problem is that Local is too good.  But, its only a little bit too good.

Seismic Stan even did a Blog Banter on it here.  I’m still reading up on all the ideas, to see if any compared to what I thought up, and especially, what things need to be addressed.

So Kraken. wraps its tentacles around Solar.

A lot of changes have happened in the last few weeks.  The first big change was that we pulled our forces out of GRHS, where we were working with Why So Serious.  However, a unique opportunity presented itself, and that opportunity would have us closer to the front lines in the fight against Solar.

So, we’ve moved our forces into C-J6MT, under the umbrella of Red Alliance.  The change has been pretty well favored and there is even talk of giving us a single system for our effort.  Which system, well, I know.. but, why spoil the surprise.

Oh, btw, Kraken. has a new alliance symbol:



Not bad.. not bad at all.