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So, recently I moved out into Null-sec as part of our Kraken. deployment.  We were first staged out in Wicked Creek for a few weeks, then we had an opportunity to move deeper into Null-sec, and now we operate deep in Insmother, helping out Red Alliance fight off Solar.

And so far, I’ve done pretty good… so long as you don’t count my cyno loss.

Or my loss to.. ahem.. rats.

Yes, I have sort of a good reason for a pretty pathetic loss.  You see, my wife has two chihuahuas.  I say my wife because, despite their desperate attempts to woo me, and despite the fact that they can be pretty cute, and nice and such, they aren’t all there.

I mean seriously, Chihuahuas have mental issues.  Serious Mental Issues.  Their brains are too squished in their skulls.

So, I am hanging with my family, belt ratting when one of the chihuahuas, Chopper, goes nuts.  And Chopper, well, he can really, REALLY bark.  As in a high pitched piercing sound that goes through my house like a gun.  And suddenly, he goes off and runs to the door.

And there is a knock on the door.  I open the door, and a good friend of mine is there.  And he, happens to be slightly afraid of dogs.

Yeah, great fun.

So him, his wife, and a friend of his wife come in while me and my son are trying to grab the little runts and I’m SOO close to duct taping Chopper’s mouth shut.  After which we walked upstairs and find out that their friend needs to get rid of their dog and they knew my wife like chihuahuas.  And they bring in a Chihuahua/Dauchound mix.  Who happen to be pregnant.

But, she was cute, and.. really smart.  As in she understood what was going down, and she knew the stakes.  Despite being afraid of men, she still came up to me and my son and let us pet her and interact with her.  And she didn’t react badly to our little chihuahuas, despite their overall bad behavior (they didn’t react poorly to her).

Of course, this visit lasted longer than anticipated.

Something my poor little Tempest didn’t handle so well.  Especially since the whole visit took 30min to 45min and my Bushwacker was in a belt.

So yeah, it was a good reason.  We didn’t get the dog despite her being well trained.  We just have too many coyotes in the area and puppies would be too much of a challenge in our situation right now.

RIP Bushwacker 😦