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render 04As many of you know my Eve Online career took off with a corporation called M3 Corp.  It was some of the best buds I had in the game and I spill my virtual beer in rememberance of them and the fun we had fighting pirates in Isenan and in the Sukanan Constellation.  Our times in null-sec, fighting in Curse, Wicked Creek, Providence, Catch..

Good times and it made me a permanent player in Eve Online.

But they say all good things come to an end, and they are right.  Some of us left the game, some of us stayed.  My buddy Aserio, one of the youngest of our group now runs his own corp out in null, even has his own moon.  Vexo and Solio are on the same side of the latest null-sec conflict as I am, with the Russians fighting the Russians.  Me, I went from being the intel analyst to just a normal frontline grunt and reasonably known blogger.  I see Mush, Pretorian, and a few others from time to time.  And of course, Kirith still hangs around with his ungodly popular blog.

Yet, for a time, when you have a group of buddies that work together that well.. you always try to look for that again.  But, that isn’t what you should do.  As me and Aserio reminisced about the old days, back when we didn’t have hundreds of skills and tens of millions of skillpoints, we came to realize that even if we got the old crew together it wouldn’t be the same.  Too much time and real life had passed.

It was then I let m3 corp go.  I’ll still wear their colors proudly, but I have new colors too.  And I’ll wear them just as proudly.  Plus, I’m having fun.. even structure grinding.



Kraken Celtic

Celtic Kraken


Providence Directorate

Kraken. and Providence Directorate, now I just need a shirt..