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Yes, there it is… the Kraken’s Lair

So, I have established a fairly decent fleet in our local Insmother region.  A ratting fleet, a typcial PVP fleet (which has become surprisingly cheaper because of recent cruiser changes), and even a minor mining ship or two.  Still having a bit of issue with supply chains but I figure I have two options:

a.) Buy another Prowler (or haul up a Prowler from High-sec) to maintain ammo and charge delivery.

b.) Start making Large and Medium Fusion ammo and Cap charge 800s

We have a couple Toughened Industrial corps (the null-sec version of “Industrialist with Teeth”) and to be honest it has been a new experience because Kraken. appears to be holding that fine line between a PVP alliance with a minor industrial wing (a wing that usually breaks off because they can make better isk elsewhere or they break off because they aren’t getting any respect) and an Industrial alliance with a PVP wing (a wing that breaks off because the industrial guys wanna keep the PVPers close by to protect them or because the industrial guys think the PVPers are a captive force and start charging them more and more for everything).  Our current CEO, Aramu5, is a heavy PVPer so I don’t expect the balance to get pushed against my viewpoint.  Plus, he’s one of those guys whose schedule seems to allow near constant Eve Online attention.

Unfortunately, that isn’t my situation.  I haven’t even had the time to get my capital ships (Tax Collector and Fallout’s Revenge) even close to the area.  Rather frustrating.

Anyway, back to the fighting.  So far, my January killboard and February Killboard have been pretty decent given the little time I can be on.  Unfortunately I wasn’t on when this happened.  E02-IK is in our patrol range so we’ve started to head out that way more.. see if we might catch another straggler.

In other news, I am going through and reviewing my old ship fits and getting ready to update them to correspond with the Tiercide project.  I also have a very cool interview coming up, but I’ll leave you all in the dark until later.  One side note, I did have a blog on for a short while today.  It was witty, it was cool, it even seemed to be, dare I say, potentially ground-breaking.. except that I missed the part where CCP actually said what I was pointing out ahead of time.. and thus completely negating everything I had said.  So, yeah.    Kinda a bummer.