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.. and I get a new PC out of the deal:


Yes, I have an ASUS CM6870 i7 3770 PC.  Overall it is very nice, runs Eve on its integrated graphics card like its nothing.  Same with World of Tanks.  The Secret World, however, runs worse.  So, looks like I’ll probably be getting a new video card (and power supply) in the new future.  So.. SWEETNESS!!

FINALLY, Full Compensation!

Today, marks the first milestone in a long time:  All Shield Compensations have been trained to V.  Still working on Armor, of which I have thermal and EM left!  This still leaves me with an old question.  Should I train up Tactical Shield Manipulation to V?  The reason for that is a few years back there was some evidence that training up to V was no more effective than IV.  Still haven’t gotten any definitive answer on whether that still is the case or not, and from what I’ve seen with my shield ships it still is.

Live Event – Titan Crashes on Caldari Prime!

Didn’t go.  But so far I haven’t heard too much good about it.  Lots of folks/pictures/etc. indicate that it seemed predetermined.  Some folks reasonably upset that since it was announced to everyone that the “feel” of the event was more like a wild west show rather than a profound battle between the Gallente and Caldari militias.  Then, of course, the conversation ends with “Goonswarm”.  Still looking to find any video (outside of the trailer) in regards to this, as well as reading up on everyone’s thoughts thus far.

The sad part is that I still did miss it.. but not sure if it would have been fun even if I was there.

Kraken. Null-sec Operations 

Well, we’re still operating PVP runs out of I6, mostly with Red Alliance, but more and more we are doing our own little runs as well.  Unfortunately it is taking a bit longer to get some of our guys’ heads in the game.  We’ve had quite a few capital ship losses that really shouldn’t have happened, and it really skews the loss numbers.  You do expect losses, even capital losses in battles we are in, but losing an average of three caps a month, mostly to non-nullsec combat has become a thorn in our side.

The good news, however, is that the alliance is starting to gel and there are indications of maturity at the average player level and at an organizational level.  While I won’t spill any plans, some changes will start to improve our pilot’s self-impressions of themselves and has the ability to really cement our alliance when we find a more permanent home.

Yeah, that was kind of a surprise.  It looks like we will be losing our home in o-7 to a new, yet unnamed home.  However, unlike o-7, I guess there is no station in our space.  There is one nearby so that will mean we will have to get on good terms with our neighbors.  That shouldn’t be too hard.

But then again, it is Eve Online.