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And bring back the adventure games like Grim Fandango, the Monkey Island series, Full Throttle, and Maniac Mansion.  I’ll even tell you how to do it.

A.) Port the original games to current operating systems.  No graphic changes, no nothing.

B.) Get the story guys from Pixar (who probably played the original games too) to write new series to those games.

= Money and Win.

Let me know when you do it.  I’ll buy all the games, twice.

efmi_062101_790screen005Escape from Monkey Island.  Bought this game.. loved it.  Bought the rest of the series.  Would easily do it again.\


Grim Fandango.  Funny and simply Awesome.  Great Story, Great Plot, Great characters.. just simply a great game.  Would buy it, and any series of it.


Full Throttle.  Maybe Old School graphics, but this Gamespot shot reminds me of a game that I loved SO much.. that I bought a motorcycle.  I am not joking.  Would do it again.

Please Disney.. give me a reason to give you money.