So Kraken. is starting to feel at home nowadays in its little corner of Curse.  Our forces are well known in our sector of space.  Well, more like known of in our section of space.  Are we some massive train of destruction causing fear and trembling at the mere sight of one of our shuttles..?

Latest Curse Stats for March

Latest Curse Stats for March

Not quite (though it would be cool to see how they got that info..).

However, we were able to add a tad more fear to the locals by our successful raid into Immensea.. and all that.

So, um, FEAR THE KRAKEN AND ITS THRASHERS OF.. well, I could say Doom but that is a bit cliche right now isn’t it.

FEAR THE KRAKEN AND ITS THRASHERS OF.. well, inconvience, maybe.. perhaps?  Maybe another “I” word.  Incoherience?

Thrashers of Despair?

Thrashers of Uncomfortably Bad Acting?


(Hey, YOU do better, okay?)

But anyways, today we did show that we had some skill.  Right now, one of the local heavies is doing their best to blockade us in the UW9B/K-M dead end.  In theory it’s not a bad plan.  However, since they aren’t really all that committed to the project, and the fact that we operate in smaller ships, their blockade isn’t as successful as they certain had hoped.  It also doesn’t help that when you jump into system, your ship is already pointed at a celestial.  So, no bubble, no problem.

We started off today with a form-up in our usual system of UW9B.  Fortunately, we’ve started to experiment with more powerful ships, i.e. Destroyers and Cruisers instead of frigates.  This time around we chose to run a Destroyer gang and much to my surprise..

I got to be scout.

Let me preface this.  I haven’t done serious scouting duties since before the Northern Coalition existed.  I simply have too many skillpoints and can fly so many ships that I tend to go into the more skill intense roles, like Logi or Recons.  Now, that doesn’t mean I am a total noob.  I am officially a child of null-sec and as such I had pre-prepared with gate warps and the like.  Still, it doesn’t mean I didn’t scream excitedly when we ran into Pandemic Legion group down the line.  But more on that later..

First hurtle was G-G, where our fleet of twenty roared passed three Tornados sitting 150-200 off of the gate.  They didn’t even get a lock on any of us as we warped on through.  We did a bit of fleet manuvering and I was no longer scout.  FC decided to go a different route and I had to backtrack.  Our FC took over scouting duties (yeah, I know).  We kept on moving through Curse into Wicked Creek to get our first kill, also his pod.  Not sure if he was just unprepared or this was just a failed hot drop.  His buddy stopped by and we got his Mammoth (yes, he passed through our gate camp not once.. but once and a half in the Mammoth) and his pod as well.

We moved on from a fairly good camp to move slightly through Detroid our scout and the quicker of our group tagged this guy and his pod. We moved into Immensea and dropped on a station Cyno and his pod.  A capital pilot tried to scare us off with his Chimera.  Yeah, he docked right back up..

Immensea proved to be a good hunting ground as we snagged a new Prophecy… in a ratting fit.  A guy flying a rookie ship.  A pod, and another pod.  Of course, it didn’t last.

We got baited by a Mach, a couple in our group got confused when the Mach dropped on the gate and the gate lit up.  It was assumed that the Mach jumped, so most of their fleet jumped.  Well, all except for me.  I snag the Mach and it aggressed.  The rest of our fleet jump back in… but as soon as our crew jumped in, local spiked and we tried to bail.  We lost a couple ships.  Including the FC.  However, we switched to our secondary FC and had me go scout again and snagged a Rifter who didn’t do hiss proper D-Scan.

From that time, we attempted to work with some locals to take out some Talos, who figured out we were being buddies and they ran to a wormhole.  Next, we avoided a conflict between Pandemic Legion and Paradigm. in VOL., which made me scream like a little girl cuz, I do that when I see Pandemic Legion waltz through everything because of their supercap fleet that shows up every time one of them sneezes.

Still, on our way home, I actually tackled a Thorax.  I wasn’t intending to.  I was trying to get a Scythe, but he escaped and this Thorax pretty much just stared at me wondering why I was in his backyard.  Yes, he figured it out.  Then snagged another rookie frig before finally reaching home.

And again, avoiding a non-existent blockade at G-G.

oh, and I played Blink.  Game over.