Sorry I haven’t been updating this very much.  Been busy with the following things:

The Lawn.

The Children.

The Dogs.


And of course, the moment.. the VERY DAY that I need to change my character’s skillplan, the Eve servers get DDoS attacked.

Clearly, it must be one of the culprits above.

Could it be.. the “Lawn”?  Maybe.  Right now we’ve had several suspicious accidents where our two lawnmowers have broken down.  Our primary lawnmower, an old Yard Machine Rider, actually broke down a week after we got it with similar, but different problem.  So, the “Lawn”, also known as “the pain in my backside because we live in a desert that just happens to have great irrigation and thus we live in a place where weeds go from barely visible to three foot tall overnight culprit.”

But let’s move to suspect number two: the “Children”.  I don’t think there inherently evil, but sometimes you gotta wonder when they really don’t know something, or when they are just seeing how far they can push you before they can legitimately call the police.  Needless to say, however, that our kids are finding out that the get to deal more with the “Lawn” and “Dishes” as well as “Laundry” than they are used to..

Suspect number three: the “Dogs”.  We got two dogs.  One is a Lab/Golden Retriever mix, the other a Lab/German Shorthair mix.  They are both very dumb and very smart.  Smart enough that they will obey an instruction after it being taught to them only once.

.. unless they really don’t wanna obey it.  Then it becomes a fun exercise in “Let’s figure out which dog is going to get punished first.”  Our lovely Lab/Golden Retriever, named Kiya, loves to start barking at exactly 10pm, every night.  Constantly.  At a pitch that wakes up neighbors a mile away.  She also loves to dig holes.  Deep, long holes.  In my “lawn”.

Our other dog, the Lab/German Shorthair, is named Rorschach, and he is just.. curious.  And strong.  If he can’t go through a fence, he’ll jump it.   If he can’t leap over a fence, he’ll get Kiya to dig under it.  Normally, while this is annoying, it wouldn’t be a big problem.  However, he then decides to go to the neighbors to say “Hi”.  Our neighbors are cattle ranchers.  Those two don’t mix.  So we gotta keep Rorschach on a leash for now.  When he doesn’t break them.

The final culprit is “Skyrim”.  Since I’ve been slaughtering all the minions it sends forth against me, discovering all its little secrets, I can see where it might be a bit upset.  But then again, it might be just jealous that I am already married too.

In the End, I think the blame squarely goes on my “Lawn”.  It has easy and direct access to my internet connection, is constantly being harassed by me and the rest of the family either by hand, or by machines with swiftly rotating blades (maybe Skyrim is jealous about that too).

But, since I have already signed up using the one year subscription to Eve, I have plenty of time to deal with the “Lawn” in a most heinous manner, with extreme prejudice.  Now, if someone could just get one of the CCP devs to restart my skill training, THAT would be great..

The True Culprit of the DDoS attacks..

The True Culprit of the DDoS attacks..