Another Epic War?  Bout time..

Another Epic War? Bout time..

The hanger lights were hard to find… very retro.  The command pad in his pocket, however, was the best illegal tech money could buy.

A few punches on the holographic keypad and a double cryptic transfer of funds passed to an old, fat Krusual bartender standing next to Orakkus.  The old man confirmed the transfer, whistled and a crew of Brutor tribesman came out of the hall and physically pushed aside the doors. The doors opened up to a “hidden” hanger, no doubt one of many here on this Minmatar station.  Expensive, and a bit traditional, but every bit of insurance is nice.

Especially now that our newest operations are so close.

As the lights warmed up, the first ship he saw was his Jaguar.  A thin layer of dust blew off as the anti-grav emitters began to power up and raise the ship for boarding.  Several kill markings, as well as a few cosmetic plasma burns, covered the rustic red hull.  The ship wasn’t initially a favorite of Orakkus.  However, in fighting against the Gallente, it proved to be a formidable ship.  Quite a few stragglers were unpleasantly surprised by its durability.

Oddly enough, the ship wasn’t going to get much use now.  The battle plan required adopting heavier armor tanks, which meant ships that were harder to target, but slower and less agile.  It had been a while since he flew armor tanked ships, but it wouldn’t take long to get back up to speed.

As Orakkus’ hand slid across the rough Minmatar armor, there was little doubt that those were simpler times.  And it may be that this little Jaguar might see combat in the upcoming days, and against some who were once my dire enemies, and my most trusted allies.  It didn’t matter that it might be an epic war.  Orakkus had been in a couple of those already.  What mattered was how he survived in the end.

“Ready them all.”, he told the old man.  “War is coming.”  As Orakkus left, lights powered on, illuminating hundreds of ships.