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So.. this is how it is now..

So.. this is how it is now..

The Hoarder.  Long ago I stopped using this ship simply because I could fly the Mammoth/Mastadon when I needed to do some heavy hauling, or the Wreathe/Prowler when I needed speed.  The Hoarder simply didn’t have a place in my fleet.

Then Odyssey 1.1 happened, and the industrials got a massive revamp.  A massive revamp.  Prior to 1.1, I was stoked when I was able to mount a single 180mm AC onto the Mammoth hull.

Now, well.. CCP clearly knew that delivering ammo might be a bit more dangerous than before.  So, they gave it a significant boost in many of the attributes of the Hoarder.  So, while it doesn’t get any weapon damage bonuses.. it is able to handle the following:

[Hoarder, Ammo Runner]
Gyrostabilizer II
Gyrostabilizer II
Reactor Control Unit II

Experimental 10MN Afterburner I
Medium Ancillary Shield Booster, Cap Booster 50
Shield Boost Amplifier II
Adaptive Invulnerability Field II

Dual 180mm AutoCannon II, EMP M
Dual 180mm AutoCannon II, EMP M
Improved Cloaking Device II

Medium Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer I
Medium Anti-Thermal Screen Reinforcer I
Medium Projectile Burst Aerator I

This particular fit produces a modest 6.5k EHP, coupled with about 169 DPS active tank.  The cap stable fit produces approximately 79 DPS, or similar to that of a lighter combat frigate.  This is a significant change from pre-Odyssey where the most weaponry a Hoarder could mount was a single small Autocannon.  The both the EHP and the DPS of the Pre-Odyssey Hoarder were easily half the current version.

On a whim, I opted to take my new Hoarder into some high-sec anomalies just to see how it would fair.  Strangely enough, it worked rather well and was easily able to fend off NPC frigates, something it could never do before.

So how about practical application?  Well, this ship will still get chewed up on gate camps, but by removing the need for cargo expanders in the lowslots, speed and manuverability have been drastically improved.  The huge increase in Powergrid and CPU allow you to fit a much improved shield tank as well as offense without sacrificing any cargo capacity at all.  The new Hoarder still retains about 500m3 of regular cargo space for general use, so it can carry a separate load of ammo/charges for its own defense.

Overall, the Hoarder is now a much better ship, more useful, and most importantly, more survivable.  Likely this ship will see more action in delivering ammo to staging locations, and not all those points are safe.