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Well, I had to leave Kraken. behind.  And I was sad.  I don’t like leaving alliance or corporations when they are down and out, but sometimes.. well, sometimes I just want to play this game.

I decided to try something new.  One of the things I remembered during our operations in and around Curse was just, for small gang combat, the local NPC 0.0 tribes just seemed to function so much better.  It really made sense.  That was what they did all the time.  No CTAs, No Fleet Doctrines, just small gang combat.

So, I made a few inquires, and joined up with Wraithguard. of the Dirt Nap Squad.  Yes, that Dirt Nap Squad.  Oh, here’s my killboard for the last two days.

22 kills in two days.

I think I made a good choice..

True Story...

True Story…