Everyone is excited for the new warp changes.. and continually post the amazing interceptor speeds, like this one:

Well, but what about the other ships.  Yeah, the OTHER ships in Eve, like battleships, T2 cruisers, etc.  Well, I spent some time on that and here is some fun facts that are on Singularity right now:

  • Interceptors: 10.0 AU per second, of course.  What amazed me was the deceleration.  It was like, “Boom!” I was there.  It was very quick and that quick deceleration would allow you to lock your targets faster instead of getting that “Still In Warp” error message.
  • Tech 1 Frigates: 6.0 AU per second.
  • Non-Interceptor Tech 2 Frigates: 6.75 AU per second.
  • Tech 1 Destroyers: 5.25 AU per second
  • Tech 2 Destroyers: 8.0 AU per second.
  • Tech 1 and Faction Cruisers:  Still at 3.00 AU per second
  • Tech 2 cruisers: 3.38 AU per second
  • Battlecruisers, both Tech 1 and Faction: 2.40 AU per second
  • Tech 2 Battlecruisers: 2.70 AU per second.
  • Battleships:  Warp speed reduced from 3.0 AU to 2.0 AU per second.  There really didn’t feel like much of a difference acceleration wise (though it did feel slower), but the 1/3rd less warp speed was clearly something you could note.
  • Tech 2 Battleships: 2.25 AU per second.  Also a side note:  If you want to run the Bastion Module, make sure you have High Energy Physics IV trained up.
  • Dreadnaughts and Carriers: 1.5 AU per second.
  • Tech 1 Industrials (Fast movers): 5.75 AU per second
  • Tech 1 Industrials (Heavy Haulers and Others): 3.0 AU per second.
  • Deep Space Transports:  Warp Speed reduced to 3.38 AU per second, which is about the same as a Tech 2 Cruiser.  However, consider you will likely need to fit a few cargo expanders, your acceleration is going to be massively hampered.
  • Blockade Runners:  Warp Speed boosted to 8.0 AU/S.  Acceleration and deceleration dramatically improved.  My Prowler with a Cargo Expander and Nanofiber was able to go from sitting still on a gate, unaligned to another gate 84 AU away in around 20 seconds.  This is faster than all ships but interceptors.
  • Tech 1 Mining Barges: 3.0 AU per second
  • Tech 2 Mining Barges: 3.38 AU per second
  • Orca: 2 AU per second.  The acceleration change was quite clear.  Very slow to get into warp
  • Rorqual: 1.5 AU per second.
  • Freighters: 1.33 AU per second.  Interestingly, Freighters have some new interesting Master skills that are there if you want to reach Mastery Level V.. including Micro Jump Drive V, Fuel Conservation V, and Afterburner Level V.  All in all, while the warps are faster, it sure doesn’t seem like its a faster trip since you have to maneuver so much.

That is what I’ve figured out thus far.  Pretty interesting on some of the changes coming through.