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My first thought.. kinda frustrating.

So far, my experience with them have been few.  I’ve only managed to find a little less than ten sites across all areas of space, from High-sec to Wormhole.  Since I live in a very busy section of NPC Space, I have yet to find one near where I normally hang out.

This means, I gotta travel and travel far.

Not that it hasn’t been worth it.  I have gotten two ‘Wetu’ Mobile Depot BPCs, one ‘Yurt’ Mobile Depot BPC, one Ascendency Delta implant BPC, and one Low-Grade Ascendency Gamma implant BPC, along with several little extras.  Early estimates put the finished product of those around 1.5 billion isk profit.. in theory.  But, that was primarily “chance” or “luck”, however you wanna view it.

Now, of the sites that I have found, High-sec were of course the easiest and I was able to get three out of the four containers before the rats dropped in a blew them up.  I could have gotten four if I had played my cards right, but it was my first site that I had ever ran.

The Wormhole and Null-sec sites were pretty similar, and difficult.  The most I could pull off on a good day was three with everything going my way.  In addition, there was something peculiar that I noticed with the higher level sites.  It seemed that each subsequent site I hit progressively called in their rat buddies sooner.  Here’s why I think that.

I had a particular good run of finding two covert sites in an initial scouting run.  I drop back to my base and grab my Loki and go scan them down.  The first one the timer goes on long enough that I snag hack three containers before the cavalry comes in and blows them up.  However, the next covert site I found, I was able to finish the first container, but the rats showed up as I was hacking the second.  On the third covert site, the rats showed up as I was hacking the first container.  Wierd, huh?

I went over how I did the mini-game, but I have yet to discover if anything I did might have triggered it.. and if so, how did I do it twice?  They weren’t any more challenging than they other ones I had done in null-sec.  The only thing that might have forced the NPC rats to show sooner was that I had to bulldog my way through some of the traps laid.  I didn’t mess up per se, but I wonder if trying to take down firewalls and such alert NPCs after so much.  I don’t know.  Anyways, aside from that I do enjoy the Covert sites as difficult to find as they are and I’ll keep doing them until I can’t make iskies off them.