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Lookin fer gold in them there systems..

Lookin fer gold in them there systems..

Mildly and Curiously Rich

Running Relic, Data, and Covert sites isn’t bad.  I’ve made quite a bit of isk, and only lost a couple ships in the process.  I’ve gotten pretty good at getting a “feel” of areas too as I ply my trade.

Usually I hit Relic sites for the most isk.  A single null-sec Relic site can net me upwards of 25 mil isk on average.  I have seen some that net me 50 mil and one even netted me 100mil isk.  Intermixed with those Relic sites, I sometimes hit the Data sites.  They tend to top out at around 25mil typically, though a good Drone Data site is certainly a prize to find as their drone BPOs can be worth some isk.

And therein lies the new situation I find myself in.  See when you run these sites, you tend to collect a lot of module BPCs.  I think I still have enough Micro Jump Drive BPCs to make well over 500 of them.  Those BPCs mock me.  Taking up valuable hanger space, entreating me to build them, but the cost, time, and effort in making those final units just don’t seem to make financial sense.

But I can’t bring myself to trash them.. and they don’t sell on the market very well on contracts either.  Then you have your rig BPCs (of which I have well over a hundred), which seem to tempt you with more potential profit, beckoning you to use the few manufacturing slots that I operate for just a few more isk.  But then you get those new Ascendency implant BPCs and Mobile Depot BPCs, the profits of which can be astounding.. and which could be better if you just had a little better skills in trade and production.

How I feel as I delve into Manufacturing and Trading in Eve Online

How I feel as I delve into Manufacturing and Trading in Eve Online

What to do?  What to do?

Begrudgingly I’ve starting to train both my Trade and Production skills on my Main and even thinking of buying a Plex to get my alt training as well.  I’ve started to Lurk on the industrial blogs.. though to the newbie that I am, they are still a cryptic mess because of my inexperience.

Still, I can’t help to wonder if this skillpath is just like my PVP skillpath.  Always needing just one more skill to reach building or trading perfection.. and when does it stop?  When do I start operating my alt instead of my main?  Should I redirect into Mining to improve my profits?

Then I have to start thinking about expanding my operation out of high-sec systems into null-sec, which means that I might have to learn to RL diplomacy skills to gain access to establish some manufacturing POSes, which will then mean I need to start checking out ice belts and thinking in the longer term.  And, as a PVP player, when do my manufacturing arrangements turn from asset into detriment?

All a lot to wonder about when I should be drinking something a little stronger than water.  I’ll keep you all updated.