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The Olde Player Owned Stations

I’ll start out with something that has been an issue for quite a while: Abandon POSes

Abandoned POSes are found all over in space, some new, some ancient.  They are left there because no one wants to waste the time to take them down.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve taken them down via combat before, but it is a grind the likes of which everyone hates.  Now I know CCP is in the very slow process of revamping the entire concept of Player Owned Stations (about time).  But to be honest, something can be done right now to start whittling down the number of POSes out there.  So why not make them salvagable?

Ideally, of course, to maximize their removal, one should make the salvage be useful for making of the new POSes.  See, I figure that CCP’s Developers will probably make their new POSes more efficient and effective than the old ones, justifying switching over.  So, why not make finding and salvaging the old POSes sort of a temporary career?

Le Income o’ Orakkus – Or how exploration changed.

I do a lot of exploration.  It is my main source of Isk.  I also get a bit of the jollies from finding Covert sites and looting them of their precious treasures.  But, of late, it hasn’t been all that rich or glorious.  Particularly the Covert Sites.

When I first started exploration I could easily snag 200 to 300 mil isk in within 10 to 15 jumps.  Now I could go 20 and barely break 100 mil isk.  Things have changed to on the value of each site as well.  For a long time, the bottom end of a Relic site in null was about 35 million isk and the top end was around 60 to 80, with a really sweet site hitting the 100 mil isk mark.  Now, 35 mil isk is typically the top end, with the bottom staying pretty consistently around 22 to 25 mil.  This puts them right about the same as Data sites now.  These figures don’t consider the value of the Standard, Tech II, or Faction BPCs, just the value of the most liquid assets found.  Since the general pricing is the same, it now makes sense to go and complete data sites (something that was better off ignored previously), but the downside is that your hold fills up a lot quicker, so you aren’t likely to wander too far off.

Why have the changes happened?  Well, you have more explorers out there putting forth the effort.  Therefore the supplies of rig materials and BPCs has gone up, while the demand stays relatively stable.  This naturally reduces prices, which conversely requires people to a.) move to other professions, b.) increase their time/effort in exploration, or c.) reduce the amount of unrequited isk gained by the pilot.  Now, Tech II rigs are much cheaper and easier to find, and Ancillary Shield Boosters and Ancillary Armor Repairers are finding their use in PVP fleets and operations, raising the overall value of building those items.  Generally, a stabilization has occurred and will likely stay this way for a very long time.

Secret Covert Sites or “How Stealthily Can I Hide Crap?”

Covert Sites have gotten far, far worse in my opinion.  My first Covert op site netted me a ‘Yurt’ Mobile depot.  My second got me a few ‘Wetu’s, and several that gave me Ascendency implants.  Now, I’d be lucky to find a ‘Wetu’ or ‘Packrat’ BPC.  Today explored an Improved Covert site in null that contained only covert research tools… all four points.  Strangely enough, that hasn’t been the first time in recent memory that has happened either.

I haven’t seen an Ascendency BPC in well over a month (I do roughly two covert sites a week), and the most valuable BPC I now see is the ‘Packrat’ Tractor Beam BPC, worth only about 70 mil now.  Not really worth the time, effort, or risk in hunting one of these down.

I’ll probably keep on doing them because it breaks the monotony of exploration, but I can’t say that I’m excited about them.  They aren’t the treasure trove they once were and require substantial risk for mere pennies on the dollar.