Tell Me I'm Not Crazy Mama!  Please?

Tell Me I’m Not Crazy Mama! Please?

So, apparently, Eve Online is a bit more than a game to me.  I knew I liked the game, I knew I loved playing the game, and I knew I enjoyed the meta that the game had produced back in the past (Though I fear that the CFC is too big any more and its size too much of an obstacle for any threat.  Maybe future supercap changes might fix that.. we’ll see).

But sometimes, life kicks you square in the “jimmies” and you gotta simplify your life to make things better.  You see, I have gone back to college for a two year degree.  On top of that, I am getting back into exercising, trying to do more stuff around the house, trying to spend more time with the family.  And Eve Online was really taking up a huge chunk of my day, each and every day.  So out Eve Online went.

Sure enough, I spent more time exercising, more time working outside, learning guitar and Russian, more time getting homework and schooling done.  All great, right?  Apparently not.  Apparently, Eve Online was my way of coping with the fact that I am a new dad, dealing with step parent issues, as well as all the other things I had to worry about on a day to day basis.  I became a royal pain in the backside.

After a month, my wife sat me down and told me that I needed to start playing Eve Online again.  Now, part of me was rather happy that I was able to mentally step away from Eve without any intention on coming back.  I resolved not to come back.  I was mentally strong enough not to come back.  However my wife felt otherwise.  She realized something I didn’t.  I needed Eve.

But not like a drug, which I kinda feared would happen, but more of a release.  Eve turned out to be the only way I knew how to let go of tension and stress and fears and worries and all the other garbage that make life way too difficult.  In other words, Internet Spaceships actually was serious business and somehow allowed me to keep my mind organized and focused.  Go figure.

So I am back and I am looking at my Deep Space Transport, calculating how the changes will affect my PI operations, I’m checking out the removal of the scatter mechanic and I am pondering how that will affect my income, and I am looking at my ships wondering what I should spend time in.  Also looking at the new Mordu’s Legion ships to see when I can snag one.

And you know.. I feel good about all of it.

Well, except for the scatter mechanic.  I liked how the scatter mechanic likely filtered out the average joe from going into exploration, which left more iskies for me.  Ah well.