Two major changes happened with the recent Kronos update that directly affected my playstyle.  First was the removal of the scatter mechanic, something I wasn’t in favor of, and second, the addition of Besieged Covert Research Facilities in low-sec.

First, the removal of the scatter mechanic.

Let’s start with the removal of the scatter mechanic.  What I have seen thus far is that, while it takes less time to run either a relic or data site, the values and availability of those sites have decreased substantially forcing me to travel much farther to make a reasonable amount of isk.  This is pretty significant.  When the new exploration mechanic came out, I could easily net 200 to 300 mil in loot within, say, 10 to 15 jumps in null-sec.  When the got adjusted the first time, that value changed to 120 to 150 mil in about the same distance.

With this latest update, the value now seems to be closer to 90 to 100 mil isk after 20 to 30 jumps.  This seems pretty close to the same as normal belt ratting, but with some slight option for major profit in Tech 2 rig construction… maybe.  The latest change now makes it pretty entry level for anyone, so not sure if I am all that happy with the change.

Second, the addition of Besieged Covert Research Facilities.

The second thing is the new Besieged Covert Research Facilities.  Initially when I saw the first one, I thought they were as rare as the standard Covert Sites.  After nearly losing my Legion, I knew I was wrong.  I barely got out and when I went back to finish them off, the site disappeared.  My covert Legion wasn’t the ship I needed for this so I brought out a dual rep Deimos.  The first Besieged Site I hit was tough, two cruisers and a battleship.  A similar setup appeared at the second wave, but neither could broke much beyond the capacity of my MAR.  I got a  Thukker Thrasher paint job Bpc and some covert tools.  The second one handed me my backside in the second wave.

The loss was pretty bad, getting hammered by five battleships and cruisers, all of them webbing and scramming.  I held my own, used up all by boosters and much of my nanite paste in my medium AAR, but it was very, very difficult.  I see why they are being avoided so much.  I’ll like keep on trying to take these down, but clearly I am going to need something with a much, MUCH better tank.  Probably a Sleipnir or a Nighthawk.

Other Points:

Still checking out the changes to the Deep Space Transport.  I fly a Mastodon on my PI route and sometimes for giggles I’ll risk it going through Wormholes when I need to use them to get materials up from High-sec.  That being said, not sure if the DSTs are good enough yet to justify their use over a Freighter or a Blockade Runner.

We’re doing more roams right now since our little corner of space stopping being really active.  The days of G-0 having 100 to 200+ in system appear to be over for the season.  We still get stragglers who like the area and such, but it isn’t uncommon any more for quite a few of our local system stations to be empty and devoid of life.

So, come on up!  We’ll give you a warm welcome.