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Yeah, watched it and it was a pretty interesting piece of work.  I wasn’t able to help crowdfund it because I am dirt poor, but I appreciated it nonetheless.  I particularly liked how it was really geared toward the non-player, and it really tried to show how Eve Online really is a different gaming phenom.

Local News

Not much is going on in our area of Hale.  As I mentioned before, the exploration changes have had a negative impact on my financial situation.  One of the more frustrating things I ran into was a high-level Relic site giving me only about 3 million isk worth of rig salvage.  We also had an incursion land in our constellation which we attempted to fight back, only to realize that we simply do not have the level of commitment necessary to beat it back.  So we’ll wait it out, and move our PVP operations.

Interesting Point on Null-sec Sov

One of the more interesting things that I have seen here in Hale, our NPC null-sec constellation, is the number of people advertising and selling sov systems.  I used to be a sov player myself so  to see big organizations like the CFC advertising open systems in our gate camp (after we recently iced one of his compatriots) makes me a bit frustrated with the current sov system, and in particular, the tools that enable the status quo.  Apparently, I am not the only one, and a resurrected supercap argument is once again brought to the fore.  Strangely enough, it is being heralded by one of the people who gained the most from the use of supercaps, the Mittani.  Here is his recent article on the problems with the current supercap proliferation.  I remember when he didn’t think supercap proliferation was all that big of deal, so maybe he starting the see the stagnation of both null-sec.

Strangely enough, the current sov status quo is what makes me rich.  Owning huge swaths of null-sec space means that quite a bit of it is empty and not utilized by those paying the fees.  Essentially, when I arrive, the sov owners are the ones paying my bills as I take their relic and data sites.  Figure I would just say that to tick off the sov owners.  However, this point was brought out on a reddit thread here.  Either way, the problem with how null-sec operates, on how null-sec sov has become a “members only” club of supercap owners and producers, is now starting to gain traction.  Maybe this time we’ll see a more serious look at the problem from CCP.