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500 Supercapital DRF Fleet (themittani.com)

500 Supercapital DRF Fleet (themittani.com)

The Mittani has influence.  There is no doubt about that.  His skill in developing the command crew for Goonswarm and the CFC attests to his abilities.  His very successful run at CSM 6, which allowed him to be chairman, also gives credence to his management and political skills.

The reason why I bring The Mittani up is because of his recent piece in The Mittani Dot Com, called Traffic Control: Null-Sec’s High Bar.  In this article, the Mittani discusses how supercapitals have become a major cause of null-sec stagnation.  One of the more interesting quotes The Mittani makes is this:

Each supercapital birthed from a CSAA anywhere in nullsec raises that bar of entry ever higher. The path to sov null for corporations and alliances now is to rent or to swear fealty to one of the blocs. We don’t think about this as a crisis point regularly because the bar is so high now that it’s been aeons since someone actually ‘broke into’ sov null the old-fashioned way.

Boy, that thought sounds familiar… oh, that’s right.  It’s something I thought would happen back in 2011 and here in 2011, and here in 2012, and again here in 2012, and again in March 2012, and again in August of 2012, again in September of 2012.  Trumpeting about something for well over a year got me tired.. especially when the people who needed to listen, weren’t.  And at the time, this did include the Mittani, who during his CSM6 tenure, did not consider supercapital proliferation to be an issue.

The supercapital proliferation topic seems to have reappeared in strength after this particular post from THE supercapital power, Pandemic Legion.  Manny goes into a very detailed discussion about the issues surrounding the current state of null-sec.

Remember, both the CFC and PL are HUGE, HUGE past and current contributors to the state of null-sec as it is right now.  So while I do agree and have agreed with the idea that supercapitals make it impossible for new alliances to make their own place in null, I am a bit leery of this sudden “enlightenment” by the very ones who profited and helped promote the situation.

What further makes me skeptical about this new “enlightenment” is the point both Manny and The Mittani which is that there are only 2 or 3 coalitions.  This is absolutely true, no doubt, but if they are so concerned about the size and dominance of coalitions, then why don’t they take the very, very simple step of “unblueing” their coalition members.  It isn’t very hard to make that change and it isn’t like PL and CFC and NA. haven’t worked together before.  This almost feels like the those bankers and investors who were responsible for destroying the world economy complaining that it was so easy to do that it clearly shouldn’t be their fault.

But yeah.. it was their fault.  And strangely the stagnation of sov null-sec is mirroring the world financial crisis that happened so recently.  The big boys responsible can and should be doing more than just whining and complaining about the situation.. especially since it is well within their power to fix this issue with just a few clicks of their mouse..