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Yeah.. This..

Yeah.. This..

Not a Good Start

Alright, so let’s start off with the bad:  I lost, not just one, but two.. TWO Anathemas while hunting down exploration sites.


The worst part is.. they were dumb mistakes.  Things I know not to do.  Anyways, here is what happened with the Huntress VIIIC.

I was doing my thing running sites, looking for Wormholes out in Curse, when I stumbled upon a wormhole in KLMT.  I fly in, do a quick D-scan and see a Loki on scan, along with a lot of towers and such.  I cloak up and start doing a full scan of the system, recording all the WH exits.  It’s not an exciting system and the only thing of interest is a low-sec exit.

So I decide to check out low-sec.  As I drop out of warp, I see the Loki come up on my overview and land just as I slide into low-sec.  Once in low-sec, I hear that the Loki has followed me through.  I hold my cloak and was somewhat surprised to see him uncloak first and go back into the wormhole.  Clearly he was chasing me.  I warp off to a nearby planet, cloaked, while I pondered my next move.

I checked the routes to the nearest trade hubs and nothing was less than 10 jumps away.  That was Amarr, the most expensive trade hub in Eve.  I figured all I really needed to do was wait my three minutes, then go back in and if he is waiting for me then I could slip back out easily.  So, I wait my three minutes and fly back to the wormhole and enter.

Which turned out to be the wrong move.  Not only was the Loki there, but so were two other T3 cruisers.  I wait a bit, try to warp and cloak to get away.  This was defeated because I was less than 2k from the wormhole (why this one time I’ll never understand why) and before I can blink I am locked up and scrammed.  Figuring I still could jump back out, I click the worm hole and wait for my impending escape…

.. only to be told I have 35 seconds left.  Silly me, I miscounted my time.  And for that error, my pod and ship were lost.

Two days later, I feel like I am a bit more cautious, but still smarting from my loss and trying to recoup some of the iskies that I have invested into some new industry options, I hit Great Wildlands to seek my fortune.  It was not going well.  My area in Curse was as dry as the local weather, and so far Great Wildlands had been picked clean too.  I had only managed to snag a single data site as of yet, and considering how much time I had invested, I was getting more and more grumpy.

I jump into the next system on my list, 504Z-V, and find a single, solitary pilot in system.  I do a quick scan and notice a relic site in the area, but no scan probes, no other covert ops, etc.  So I finish scanning down the relic site and warp to it to see what it looks like.  Not a single container had been touched.  Still feeling a bit nervous about the situation, I look up the occupant on the killboards and on the forums.  Last entry, and all the previous entries, showed only losses starting from 2009.  A very cautious carebear by the looks of it.  So feeling comfortable at last, I mosey up to the closest Angel Ruin and hack it.

Just as I finish the hack and grab the loot, I see my ship careening wildly away from the Angel Ruin.  A little stunned, my secondary windows are blocking my hud, and in the process of closing them down I get locked up and webbed down.  An Astero with its full compliment of drones.  My ship, and its pathetic cargo, are taken from me easily.  I escape with my pod and recheck the killboards, wondering if there was a mistake.  Eve-Kill, Zkillboard, and Battleclinic all showed the same thing.  Only losses… until today.

I was his first kill.  Great.  Way to be the “Expert Explorer”…

This Week Isn’t All Bad News

Now the good news, snagged a system with not just one but TWO Improved Covert Sites.  I was able to snag them both and with it BPCs for a ‘Packrat” Mobile Tractor Unit, a ‘Wetu’ Mobile Depot, a ‘Yurt’ Mobile Depot, and a ‘High-Grade Ascendency Alpha’ implant.  Sadly, the income for those items, after their build costs, will probably just cover the replacement costs of my two Anathemas..


Currently doing some Time efficiency work on several ammo BPOs, and my production of BPCs found during exploration is going strong as I have a good shipment that will be ready for the markets soon.  PI is still producing, but with Crius changes, the need for my Enriched Uranium has fallen within my alliance as many individuals are downgrading their operations.  So far though, Jita price seems pretty consistent.

The interesting thing is, one of our industry guys has the same thought as me, that the POS changes in Crius are meant to ween people off of POSes prior to them being removed totally from the game, to be replaced with something better.  CCP has been complaining for years that the old POS code really hampered their ability to do upgrades and changes to them (which they sorely need), so it does make a bit of sense.  I also think the dramatic changes done by CCP was intentional, and I don’t just mean to make industry a bit more player friendly.  If you are going to revamp something as central as POSes, you are going to need to shake people out of there operations, get them to open up to new options.  This does that in spades by breaking up the old industrialized operations of decades pass, which in turn, levels the entire playing field for everyone now.

I wait with anticipation, as I prep my blueprints for mass production.  Muhahahahaha.