For the Good of Your Podcast...

For the Good of Your Podcast…

Today I was listening to another podcast that had a member of the CSM on their docket.  It was one of those podcasts where they have more than one person asking questions, so a sort of round table.  I could only listen to for about fifteen minutes before I had to turn it off.

Why?  Not interesting?  Bad Topic?  Stupid Ideas?

No.  The problem was the podcast was unlistenable because NO ONE, not a single person, could shut up enough to let anyone complete a sentence.  Sadly, I am seeing this more often with Podcasts of late, as if somehow talking over everyone was making the podcast members feel special.  Well, it certainly made me think they were special in the way that required helmets and short buses.

Were you guys completely without a clue?  The whole point of having a guest speaker is to listen to what he has to say, not interrupt him with questions or worse yet, dumb comments while he is talking.  When I listen to a podcast, I like to HEAR what EACH PERSON has to say.  You can’t do that when you all cluelessly talk over each other!  It makes you sound stupid and ignorant, not intelligent.

Get a moderator, find some way to keep people from talking over each other and then you can have a GOOD podcast.  This preschool garbage is a waste of everyone’s time.