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Это Стороной!  Bring back the HTFU!

Это Стороной! Bring back the HTFU!

I don’t celebrate Christmas myself.. but I do understand the joy that getting presents brings.

And with Rhea, I feel a lot of love from CCP… and presents.  In fact, I’m rather surprised that there isn’t cake and cookies too.

So on the heels of Phoebe, let’s take a look at what Rhea will bring to the table.. even as we are still digesting our new world order.

“Thera and Other Shattered Wormholes” or “Bring out the Lore!  Bring out the Lore (bangs gong)”

The Rhea expansion appear to really want to bring Lore into the game again, to really flesh out the backstory of Eve Online.  The upcoming shattered wormholes really seem to bring that out as even the introduction of the devblogs include a quote from some NPC explorers.  The most prominent of these new shattered wormholes will be Thera, a super large system that even has some stations in it.  Apparently there will be no moons or planets in any of these new systems.. and you will get to find clues about it too.

Initially I thought it would simply be a system that will be camped by a few or even one entity and they’ll keep dominance and no one will go in because it is too well guarded.  But, with a 342 AU sized system, plus multiple signatures and no ability to anchor bubbles (though dictor and Heavy Dictor bubbles are still okay), and no ability for capital ships other than freighters.. it may just work out.

Will it be Mos Eisley.. maybe.  Will it be interesting.. I think so.  And it will be interesting to see how the lore will respond in actual gameplay.

No Clone Upgrades and No Skill Point Loss at Death

This one.. this one I am unsure of.  As old timers like me know, that was one of the pains of playing this game.. but it was a good pain.  It was a pain you bragged about to those WoW players who claimed their game was better.  The conversations usually went like this:

WoW Player:  Fag!  World of Warcraft is better cuz we have millionz of playerz.  We l33t! n00b!

Eve Player:  Did your mother tie your shoes this morning?  Because if you tried, you probably would have died in the process.

WoW Player: wut?

Eve Player:  Listen you pathetic excuse for a babbling idiot.  You know why Eve is superior to WoW?  Because we actually RISK something.  When you die, you know what happens?  NOTHING!  You don’t lose a thing!  There is NO risk in WoW.  And you know what a person is who can’t handle risk?  A sissy.  A wimp.  A little weenie.  When my player dies, I lose my ship.  If I lose my clone I have to pay for a new one.  And if I am stupid and don’t pay attention I’ll lose valuable skills too.  And I do again it because I am a REAL MAN (or WOMAN), not some basement dwelling loser who still asks his mom permission to go to the toilet.  I don’t need to hold her hand in public to go to the store.  I have a family, I have sex, I have a job and MY OWN PLACE to live!  I am the closest thing a real MAN (or Woman) that you will ever get to know and I am so hardcore that I will spit on your grave should anyone have the audacity to even consider you worthy of burial.

WoW Player: Lol, I found p0rn.  l33t!

Usually at this point, one of two things happen:  Either the conversation is over, or they share the porn.  But I think it illustrates the point well.  Eve Players, without having some punishment for the loss of their clone, won’t be able to consider themselves as.. hardcore.  Nevertheless, I would like to fly cheap frigates without the fact that losing my clone (a common occurance in null-sec) would cost me several times more than my ship.

The Confessor, the Amarrian Tactical Destroyer

I'm Captain Shepard, and this is my Favorite Store on the Citadel..

I’m Captain Shepard, and this is my Favorite Store on the Citadel..

Ooo.. a new shinny!  I always like new ships and I am rather interested to find out how players will use the new features.  However, how this came about seems eerily familiar to me.  In fact, it seems oddly like the idea put forth by Team Illuminati back in March 2013.  Gotta wonder cuz I thought the same thing.

The Bowhead – An Ore Freighter

WooHoo!  Space Trucker!

WooHoo! Space Trucker!

This has been in the works for years, and I know I am not the first to put it forward.  Still it is a great idea, and long overdue in my opinion.  So far some preliminary stats have been posted, so take a gander.

Sleeper Scouts?

Okay, this is interesting.  Imagine being hunted, instead of hunting.

New Sleeper Caches

It will be good to see more of these out.  I did my first one yesterday when I stumbled onto someone trying to do it with a Cheetah.  I was a little ticked at him because he goofed up and caused the pressure cloud to activate, which meant that I couldn’t get to the most valuable loot on the site.  He had run off because those ships simply don’t have the tank for it.  My Astero almost didn’t make it out either a couple times.  It is nice to see though a site that requires a bit of piloting skill to successfully do.

New Ship Renderings/New UI Look

The renderings definitely will make your ship easier to see and the new UI does look more modern so I am going to give these a thumbs up.

Opt-In Keyboard Ship Control

OMG!  Really?  Serious?!  F*ING AWESOME!  No other words suffice.  Game changer right here.

Opt-In Star Map

Hmm… I wonder what it will look like.  Time to go to SiSi.

Blackbird Model Revamp

The New Blackbird, And Falcon, And Rook Modifications

The New Blackbird, And Falcon, And Rook Modifications

Okay, the redesign is impressive and what I also like is that the new ship models will vary much more from the original too, instead of just being painted differently.

Onyx and Eagle

I don't care, I'm still free.. you can't take the sky from me...

I don’t care, I’m still free.. you can’t take the sky from me…

Also getting a revamp, though I think I’ll have to go on Sisi to get a better view.  I have started to take an interest in the Moa and Eagle.. in fact, I am really wanting to find a reason to get a few more, so I may be more excited about this in the future.

Incursus, Enyo, and Ishkur Revamp

Cybermen or Aliens..  Still pondering..

Cybermen or Aliens.. Still pondering..

Don’t fly these at all, but it looks like they are slowly moving away from the  curvatious green bubbly look to something a little more retro.  For some reason I get the feeling that some inspiration came from Dr. Who.

Dust in Asteroid Belts or Now I have To Buy A New Videocard..

Well, I am in need of one and since my wife thinks I need to play Eve Online in order to be livable.. I guess I just better get me a good one.  Any suggestions?  Seriously, been a while since I knew the ins and outs of video cards.

Okay, wow, time flies and I still have to study.  So, we also have Special Edition Capital ships coming out along with new pirate apparel.  There is also some more technical information that I have no idea how it will be used, but I am sure there are some enterprising individuals out there who can make us some better third party tools and I’ll likely use them.