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So.. I was checking out local wormholes when I stumbled onto this:



Yeah, pretty cool.  This was deep inside Vale, which leads credibility to those who say that the star is in Jove space.  But dang, it looks sweet.

Learning how to Market

I started to try my hand at industry when Crius came out.  This was a natural thing for because a.) Crius made things much, much easier to deduce, and b.) Exploration allowed me to find rigs, invention goods, and BPCs that I could sell on the market.  Well, everything but the BPCs.  Exploration also showed me that I didn’t have to rely on Jump Freighter services for my needs, as low-sec and high-sec WHs popped up reasonably frequently.

Still, I just explored and sold what I found.. except again for the BPCs.  When the BPCs started to fill up my containers, I tried to sell them.  Of course, you can’t sell BPCs using the normal market (CCP outta fix that..).  This meant that I had choice a.) Trash them, or b.) Actually do something with them, like, you know, build things.

I tried option A for a very, very long time.  Until I got too bored one day and tried option B.  Reactive Armor Hardeners and small ancillary armor repairers.  Hardly sold.. until I dropped them on the Amarr market one weekend, where they promptly got sold out.  So I built some more, and those promptly sold out in a couple days.. and yes, I sold them at a profit.. or at least I think I did.

Little by little I began to notice little interesting things here and there, like how a 14,000 isk MWD in Dodixie could be sold for 150,000 to 200,000 isk in null, and sell quickly.  Or how a 800,000 isk armor plate bought in Jita would not sell in null at anything more than 750,000 isk.

Sadly, I got hooked.  I had acquired a nice sum of isk from my exploration, which I still do on a regular basis, but now I worry that because my Accounting Skill isn’t at V, that I won’t be able to make a profit on some Meta 4 modules I brought up.  Or I get frustrated that I researched the TE instead of the ME on a particular BPO.. and now I need to start producing.

I now compare the demands of the local market, versus the markets held by our financially superior enemies, verify that certain transport options will be available in a certain time frame, and carefully watch who is buying what I am selling and when.  I try to balance the needs of an alliance with the needs of the corp with the needs of the pilots who work with me.

Each day I work to ensure that alliance and corp leaders do not ask more than is reasonable, ensure that our markets have the ships, modules, and ammo they need to fight.  And help see that our more elite pilots have the specialized ships they want and are looking for.

Now.. I tend to giggle when my enemies make a tactical error in their market PVP.  And strangely enough, there is another rule in Eve.. a more profound rule that I can now realize.  It is strangely familiar to the central PVP rule of “don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose.”  It’s rather simple really, just one word change, but it is as much of a profound truth in Eve as any other..

“Don’t market what you can’t afford to lose.”