So.. It’S TRUE

So.. my subscription runs out this month.. and I didn’t return even once.

Ah.. addiction is nice when its broken.. but them was some good times.  Maybe I might come back in a year or so.  I’m sure the Tax Collector would like to have a few more good times.


In Other News – Ultron!

Yeah, saw Age of Ultron.  Not sure about you, but at this point if anyone asks who my favorite superhero is.. I know who it is now, without any doubt.


Not sure if that makes me ultra-sane or ultra-crazy.. but I really wanted him to win.  It’s not like I hated any of the Avengers (I think how they handled Hawkeye by making him the “soul” of the Avengers was truly inspired), but it was like.. I GET Ultron.. I connect with Ultron.

This is probably my favorite scene:

And damn.. James Spader.. just Wow.. words do not describe how perfect his voice is for Ultron.

So.. now I am going to start researching the Ultron mythos… hmm…

Life and Stuffs

Well, my college days may or may not be over.  I am doing finals right now for my Accounting Technician degree.. which, although hard, should allow me to graduate.  But, I might be able to go a two more years and get my Bachelors in Accounting too.  Not sure yet if I will get approval, but here is to hoping.

Aside from that..well, there is nothing else right now.  Just the hope that this summer I will be able to take our boat out and do some fishing.

And maybe.. just maybe.. dream of Eve.