So, I have always been interested in trying out the Superior Sleeper sites, but have always been hesitant because of an incident where I nearly lost my T3 Cruiser (literally fire and pieces were falling off – and this was before CCP wrote that into the code).  Finally, after haul of T1 and T2 rig materials sold, I decided that I had some isk to spend on a ship specifically designed to handle Superior Sleeper Sites.  With the help of my compatriot, Xreed 238, I put together a Nestor and was able to make a test run into nearby Sleeper Site.

To say that I was nervous was an understatement.  You don’t exactly throw a 1/2bil isk ship into a situation like that without a bit of trepidation.  And you can only get more nervous as time moves on.  So, into that I flew my project ship into a new experience.


[Nestor, The Wild]
Damage Control II
Large Armor Repairer II
Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
Armor Explosive Hardener II
Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
Large Ancillary Armor Repairer

Cargo Scanner II
Target Spectrum Breaker
‘Zeugma’ Integrated Analyzer
Heavy Capacitor Booster II
Large Capacitor Battery II
500MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive

Prototype Cloaking Device
Dual Heavy Beam Laser II
Dual Heavy Beam Laser II
Dual Heavy Beam Laser II
Dual Heavy Beam Laser II
Dual Heavy Beam Laser II

Large Anti-Explosive Pump I
Large Auxiliary Nano Pump I
Large Ancillary Current Router I
Hammerhead II x10
Ogre II x10
Hobgoblin II x10
Warrior II x5
Hornet EC-300 x15

Multifrequency L x12
Aurora L x6
Gleam L x6
Nanite Repair Paste x320
Navy Cap Booster 800 x12

The first room was pretty unexciting.. but it showed an immediate potential flaw.  The Nestor is slow, REALLY slow.  90 m/s slow.  The Microwarp drive did alleviate some of that problem because the first room had a minor puzzle where you put object A into the corresponding object B, then you could go in a loot the sleeper containers.  That turned out to be a chore in my Nestor fit.

The second room was also comparatively easy once you knew what you are doing.  Wait for your hacked sentry gun to destroy all the other sentry guns (btw, there is no “shooting” indications.. the red sentry guns simply blew up after so long.  The second part of that room is that you need to loot all the cans while not disturbing the plasma containers.  This is where the Nestor’s slowness came in handy.  I was able to pilot the ship in a nice, slow methodical manner and keep myself between the containers and the plasma deathtrap.

The third room, the most difficult room by far, really showed the failure of my original design.  Once you start the spawning process (you’ll know), my ship wasn’t able to keep up with the spawns, and it was too slow to avoid damage from the sentry guns (even if they had their tracking reduced).  The Nestor’s tank was pretty impressive and I was able to fend off the most of the sentry damage and even several of the bursts pretty well.  But in the tight quarters, the ship simply did not have the ability and, mainly speed, to get to the any of the containers, and more importantly, the healing units.

Unfortunately, I was unable to snag any containers from this last room before I had to bail out due to the damage that I was taking.  One of the big mistakes I had made in the room is that I had my analyzer.. a little too close to the Spectrum Breaker..

and when I lit that off..

.. oh, the Superior Sleeper Site was NOT happy.

The take out of the site was about 165 million isk in potential profit from BPC and sleeper goods.

The Take-Away

After the experience, I decided that the ship needed a few changes to the configuration.  One major change was the removal of the Large Cap Battery and replacing it with a Battleship class afterburner.  The second change was the upgrade from a Prototype Cloaking Device to a rare ‘Guise’ Cloaking Device.  Not top of the line, but pretty close.  The third change was the change in primary repper to a True Sansha Large Repper.

Maybe the next time.. I’ll get the real loot.