Yer Average Pilot

This is a page following just a simple, random pilot fighting the great war against evil and tyranny.. by fighting with evil and tyranny.  I’m an in the trenches pilot.. and I don’t have all that much to show for it.  I work for a great corp, with a good bunch of mates and we do our best getting things done.  Sometimes we take the field.. other times.. well, it ain’t as pretty.

Orakkus – Brutor Tribe (Pod Pilot off and on from 2005) – m3 Corporation since 2007.

I’ve been a Minmatar pilot from the word go, but generally for all the wrong reasons.  The idea of being a freed slave resonated with me so I went that route.. only to find that after three million SP, that Eve really didn’t care too much for Minmatar combat styles.  Determined to show them, I kept skilling up Minmatar ships, often against the sage advice given by older characters.  It was a tough day when I realized you could only go so far in a Tempest.. and it was a short trip nonetheless.  Nothing in Eve is as discouraging as realizing that the ship you strived to be the best at, a ship you focused your Eve career, only to find out you really can’t do anything with it.

This lead to my only claim to fame, for I wasn’t the only one upset at the fact that the Minmatar had been essentially shafted for years.  I made it my mission to get Minmatar ships worthwhile again.  The problem though is that the Tempest was simply far too versatile, and everyone and their grandma had a unique fix to it.  CCP nor the CSM had any chance of even distingishing the problem, much less trying to find a reasonable solution.  Seeing this as the actual problem, I helped organize the Minmatar community to focus on some very specific ideas and problems with the Minmatar lineup (something that really hadn’t happened effectively for a few years).

In the end with Dominion, projectiles were adjusted and were given back their massive alpha strike.  Projectile Ammo size was reduced allowing for both more ammo in clips, as well as more ammo in the hold.  Projectile ammo damage was changed to be in line with Hybrid and Crystal damage, and damage type was also standardized.  Projectile ammo features were adjusted so that it gets a tracking bonus.  Tracking Computers and Tracking Enhancers were given a boost to fall-off, a key feature of Minmatar weaponry.  Both the Typhoon and Tempest were changed too, allowing the Typhoon to have a much coveted (and far more versatile) 5/5 weapon configuration from its previous 4/4, and changing the Tempest to be a more effective armor tank.  Overall, the changes put Minmatar back into serious PVP and I was a small part of that.

I was also priviledged to be in the battle over Providence and I can be proud to say that I fought with Paxton Federation even as U’K formed a coalition number nearly 10:1 against us in membership size.  Even though we lost, I can say that it was a glorious war, we did the best we could (m3 Corp reached over 50% participation per month).. and we bloodied their nose and I wouldn’t trade that experience for being on the winning side.

Things have changes since those days, however.  Fighting under the NC banner twice, and watching it all tumble and crash to the ground, seeing that our most reliable partner were.. of all things.. the Goons, seeing m3 Corp participation dwindle to nothing as burnout and RL issues have pretty well given ever member of m3 a few solid blows.  I still play, I run missions and build isk.  I wait for the opportunity that will bring us back to life and make Eve Online fun to play again.

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