Making Isk – 18 July 2014

Considering that a major part of a PVP’er life in Eve is having the finances to maintain a properly prepared fleet, I have started to diversify my various income trails. The reason for this is two fold: First, to always be able to replace ship loses and Second, to make enough isk to start buying the more interesting toys. The trick is, I don’t want to use a full account alt.. mainly because I really play Eve to have fun.. not to maximize various sub aspects of the game.

So, here is how it is going (as of 18 July 2014):

0.0 Ratting (Status: Excellent) – Good Rats in our belts.

Low-sec Ratting (Status: None) – I’ve got null-sec, so low-sec ratting is a pass.

Cosmic Anomalies (Status: None) – With the neutral and red traffic in our neck of the woods during my game time, I find its not very efficient to run these right now.

Planetary Interaction (Status: Excellent) – I’ve started up a Enriched Uranium circuit and produce about 10mil isk a day in profits.

Signature Probing (Status: Excellent) – This is now my main form of isk generation.  I’m pretty good at it too.

IPO Investement (Status: None) – Don’t trust anyone currently.

Mission Running (Status: None) – Little need to do this right now.

Incursions (Status: None) – Hatem now.  Avoid them at all costs.

Invention (Status: None) – All my datacores now come from Data Sites.

Mining (Status: None) – Yeah, I rarely do ice mining.  I mean once every six months..

Plexing (Status: None) – This is a FW only item.

PVP (Status: Excellent) – Pure entertainment..

3 thoughts on “Making Isk – 18 July 2014”

  1. Arcos Vandymion said:

    Sounds solid – though if you wanna go mining you should really use nothing less then a Covetor; it has nearly the same yield as a Hulk while being considerably cheaper. It’s also considerably thinner regarding fitting and tank – you just can’t tank it. I’m just currently training up the Covetor (which basically enables me to fly a Hulk (3 more skillevels in about 1 day to go) but I don’t have the ISK atm to buy one) so I understand the reluctance to train it. I however made the biggest amount of cash in my short EVE career with a retri (and selling a weeks worth of mining for 2-3 hours a day while reading a book).

    I’ve got a question regarding the PI though. You said “minor tax increase” and that you are in low/null. Are your planets in low/null too? Because the highsec tax increase ain’t “minor” at all and PI in highsec is basically pointless in my humble oppinion as there are nearly no ressources on the god damn planets.

    I agree on the signatures being worth – not much. My highsecprobing usually yields wormholes in 2 of 3 (which cost me frigates on a regular basis) and the rest is not to make ISK either.

    • Well, as far as PI goes.. I am up in the air about whether or not it is minor any more. My products sell for more, and I can sell my P0 products at my location fairly easily and I often produce more P0 than I can use. Often the P0 overstock sales cover my tax costs pretty easily so that my actual product sells essentially tax free.

      But, since I don’t do it regularly, it isn’t like I have hard numbers to provide.

  2. You seem to completly missed Faction Warefare as income source. It provides a lot of chances for PVP while also providing great opportunities to make ISK.
    If you wanna give it a try then check out our corp named T.R.I.A.D

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