The Amarr

History and Lore

A theocratic race that believes that they are following the Will of God as determined by their leader, who currently is the Empress Jamyl Sarum. Modern day examples could be likened to middle-eastern cultures or medieval Europe. This has lead their nation to believe that they are the superior race and because of this they have enslaved and conquered many human colonies during their expansion. As the oldest race to regain spaceflight, they have become the most technologically advanced race and with that power control the largest area, about 40%, of inhabited space.

The Amarr rose from the planet called Athra, now known as Amarr Prime.  Their theocratic society is lead by six Heirs and the Emperor.  These Heirs are chosen from six royal families, including the well-known Khanid and Sarum families.  These Heirs rule in the name of the Emperor, however, it is only the Emperor who wield supreme and absolute authority.  Unfortunately, due to the vast size of the Amarr Empire, it is difficult for the Emperor to exert control over the entire populace.. at least until he or she shows up in person.  Their control not only is extensive territory-wise, but also in the length of their rule, with the Emperor and the Heirs living about 500 or so years due to extensive use of cybernetic implants, which adds to the people’s impression of their divinity.

The Amarr’s deep religious beliefs have allow for all sort of fervent behavior through the course the Empire’s existance, reaching great heights and plummeting to great evil as well.  One of these practices was their active enslavement of any cultures they ran into, under the guise of religous glory, redemption, and Amarrian superiority.  During their 2,000-plus year expansion, they have enslaved every race and nation that they had contact with, with the vast majority of those nations and cultures disappearing forever.  The loss of these cultures and races have little bearing to the average Amarrian because slavery is so prevalient.  In fact, the Amarr Empire has become dependant on the slave labor force to keep competative against the other great factions.

One of the races they enslaved were the Minmatar, a tribal race that had been under their dominion for hundreds of years, until a failed and humiliating war against the Jovian allowed the Minmatar to revolt and rebuild their nation despite Amarrian attempts to take them back. Recently, however, the Amarrian Nation had suffered a near defeat at the hands of unexpected Minmatar invasion. That invasion devastated many Amarrian border worlds and was only stopped due to the last minute use of a new Amarrian superweapon, a superweapon that was soon lost. The invasion not only freed long captive slaves, but also revealed several surprises, such as The Elders, who the Amarr thought were long dead, and that the Ammatar turned out to be not one tribe but two.. with both waiting in secret for the day when they could return to the tribes.

At this time, the Empress is working to remove corruption within the Amarrian Empire, and has opted not to enact revenge against either the Ammatar or the Minmatar nation. But one has to wonder if it is because of Jamyl’s benevolence, or if the nation simply cannot handle another tragedy should it occur.

Overview from CCP

== Bloodlines ==

In regards to Amarr bloodlines, it should be noted that the Amarr revere age and experience. They often make themselves look older than they actually are, giving them mature, weatherworn features.

=== True Amarr ===
True Amarr – those directly descended from the Amarrian ethnic group before it conquered its home planet and intermingled with other people – are proud to the point of haughtiness, with a great sense of tradition and ancestry. They are considered arrogant and tyrannical by most others. Their presumptions of grandeur suffered a direct hit when they lost a war against the Jove, thereby losing control of the Minmatar home worlds. This blow, a defining point in their history, is something they still collectively reel from.

=== Ni-Kunni ===
The Ni-Kunni were a primitive race conquered some 1000 years ago the by Amarr Empire. Unlike most other races conquered by the Amarr, Ni-Kunni adapted to Amarr society far better; today, only a small minority is still enslaved.  Their home planet of Mishi IV in the Aridia region is an inhospitable place, dry and desolate. The Ni-Kunni feel they have this harsh environment to thank for toughening them up and allowing them to overcome the worst of adversities. Most Ni-Kunni are tradesmen and artisans – occupations frequently frowned upon by the Amarr, but still a vital part of society.

=== Khanid ===
The people of Khanid have endured the political turmoil of their leaders with great dignity and calm. The Khanids were fellow settlers alongside the Amarr on Athra, better known today as Amarr Prime. During the height of the Amarr [[Reclaiming]], the Khanid were swept up and merged into the growing Amarr nation. They proved themselves valuable allies to the Amarr from day one and have ever since held exalted status within the Empire, with only a handful of them ever actually having to endure slavery. The name Khanid was given to the ruling family by the Amarr. It means ‘little lord’ or ‘lordling;’ an affectionate term bestowed only on a cherished friend. The name stuck to the nation as a whole at some point and even after the Khanid domain was granted to one of the great Amarr Holder families, the family adopted it as their own, winning the hearts of the Khanid people in the process.

=== Other Races ===
==== Ealur ====
While not an Amarr bloodline as such, the Ealur are nonetheless an important part of the Empire: They are one of the most common slave races around.

==== Udorians ====
One of the minor races in the Amarr Empire, they are from the same planet, Amarr Prime, as the Khanid and True Amarr.  The Udorians arrived on Amarr Island in 20022 AD, spurring the static Amarr society into rapid changes. Later, they were the first established civilization on the planet to be assimilated, right at the beginning of the reclaiming; they have long since been fully integrated into the Empire, to the point where there is now a Udorian Royal House. The social and physical difference between the True Amarr and Udorians disappeared ages ago, although societal traditionalists prefer to remember them.


The common assumption had always been that the Minmatar Republic was simply no match for the Amarr Navy; the Minmatar people were always seen as poor wretches in need of assistance  (as well as a useful source of manpower). Following the destruction inflicted by the Elder Fleet, though, people are struggling to come to grips with a world where the Minmatar are, if not military equals, at least worthy of consideration in this regard, and many are grudgingly re-evaluating their feelings about the old slaves.

Most, though, don’t even want to think about what would have happened had the Elders been able to complete their mission unopposed; only Jamyl Sarum’s timely appearance and subsequent annihilation of one third of the invading fleet ensured that that didn’t happen. While the circumstances of Sarum’s somewhat miraculous return have raised more than a few eyebrows, the majority of the population are happy to take her successes as a sign that God is still on their side, and her strident advocacy of a return to the Reclaiming of old gives a clear message about the relationship between Empire and Republic that most find comfortably familiar. As such, they’re generally happy to ignore any niggling doubts and thus to allow her to lead the Empire, provided that the good fortune that’s accompanied her return does not suddenly evaporate. They’re also very keen on anything which departs from Karsoth’s less-than-stellar reign.


The military, as a whole, was even more rattled than the general population, because they knew the Minmatar should not have had the strength to do what they did. They’re still trying to figure out where the hell all those Minmatar ships came from, and a drastic shakeup in the intelligence gathering arm of its operations seems imminent. With the near-annihilation of the 7th Fleet in the Bleaks and the general failure to hold any kind of defensive line, there’s been significant internal turmoil.

Jamyl Sarum not only saved a lot of Amarr lives, but she’s also following up on the Sarum family’s traditional pro-military stance and, as a corollary, effectively absolving the Navy of blame. Generally, the military is more pragmatic about her than the citizenry. They can see that her return is not entirely in keeping with tradition, but they’d rather have her on the throne than any of the alternatives, and they certainly agree with her professed goals. For the foreseeable future, they are likely to be fervently loyal to her.


The Holders and the members of the five Houses have much more diverse opinions on Sarum’s return. The great game of Imperial politics is already shifting up a gear, the vicious muddle of Karsoth’s reign giving way to a far more expansive and increasingly ideological struggle for dominance. The Chamberlain’s allies in particular have either fallen out of view or are shamelessly attempting to realign themselves into a pro-Sarum stance. There are winners and losers everywhere, and Sarum’s apparent magnanimity makes many feel they’ve been let off the leash at last.

The next few years look to be a very active and interesting time for the Empire.

Important Amarrian Stats:

  • Preferred Damage Type: Electromagnetic (EM)/Thermal
  • Preferred Tanking Type: Passive Armor
  • Preferred Primary Weapon: Lasers – Best Optimal Range, Excellent Damage, but the Worst tracking and Capacitor usage along with poor falloff range. Weapon Bonus: Instant Ammo change.
  • Preferred Secondary Weapon: Heavy Assault Missiles – Best tracking (never miss inside combat range) and High rate of fire, but Short combat range. Weapon Bonus: Changable damage types.
  • Preferred Electronic Warfare: Tracking Disruptors, Neutralizers, and Nosferatus(Vamps).
  • Base Ship Combat Principle: Amarrian ships tend to be well armored, but slow. Prefer to pound enemy at range, not allowing them to get in close.
  • Allies: The Caldari
  • Pirates who use Amarrian Tech: Blood Raiders, Sansha

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