Okay, Let’s Catch Up.

I am no longer in M3 Corp.  I am also no longer living in the chaotic world of Providence.

Yeah, that should catch you up pretty well.

So, quite a few active members of M3 Corp opted to leave and join another null-sec corporation.  This included the previous CEO of M3 Corp because, as all of you CEOs know, being a CEO isn’t all that fun.  And Max already had plenty on his plate that looked and acted like work that he didn’t need to make a game another job.

Actually, none of us did.  We are all officially old.  Hurray.

So now I live in Deklein, under the Darkness. Banner as a member of Imperium Technologies.  We are DEEP in Deklein, probably the deepest I have ever been in Eve.  A lot of history in this area of space too.  And nothing like knowing history to make you feel even older.  Hurray.

When we first moved up here, we were in the Moose Federation Alliance, and we had several systems inside a pipe.  It was a pretty good gig.  We weren’t too far from the main coalition staging area, our space had most of the jump bridges operational and in good strategic locations and only a couple systems set up to be permabubbled.

Now, I’ve seen systems bubble protected before.  They have 3 or maybe 10 bubbles surrounding the gate.  But this is the first time I have seen, and I kid you not, 40+ large bubbles surrounding a gate.  40+.  On both sides.  I wish I was joking.

My own view on this is that if you are going to do something like that, make a “hole” where people can warp in and out through the gate at some wierd angle (maybe change it up every so often) so that your own forces could move swiftly in and out of the bubbles.  Because while you do want to slow down and discourage your enemies from getting into your space, you absolutely want to make sure that you are not doing the same to your own forces.  I nearly lost a blockade runner because there were so many bubbles that I passed too close to one on accident and got decloaked while a couple red interceptors were hanging around.

And forget about trying to join up with an active fleet with anything other than a ceptor.  The coalition staging system is clear on the other side of the region, so that plus the bubbles, makes PVP a much more difficult endeavor.

But aside from the love of all things bubbles, the space is pretty decent.  Where I am currently based out of I have access to a good portion of Deklein and a fair portion of Branch as well.

How to be an Industrial Pilot

You are an industrialist.  Welcome to a very profitable profession!  You will get rich, fly many unexciting ships, and build and build and build!

Now join a pirate corp.

Seriously, join a pirate corp before you get rich.  At least join a PVP corp that regularly PVPs AND requires you to PVP.  As the famous Amarrian Footware designer Nike says, “Just Do it”.

Why?  Because a good industrial pilot thinks like a good pirate.  And a good pirate does their best to minimize risk.  A good pirate always looks to find ways to improve their opportunity for success.  A good pirate will take risks, but not stupid risks.

The reason why I bring this up is that our alliance, Darkness., recently had multiple pirate wardecs placed against us.  Seven at the high point.  You know how I know?  I read the notifications and I looked DAILY in the corporation tab under “Our Wars”.  So imagine my surprise when, while I am listening on comms, I hear the following conversation:

Pilot: “What?  How are these guys attacking me?”

Group: “Huh?  Who is attacking you?  Where are you?”

Pilot:  “I’m in High-sec, wha..?  Hey are we at war with anyone?”

Group:  “Um, yeah, we have like seven war-decs going on right now.”

Pilot:  “Oh crap, great.  Now I am going to lose my freighter.”

Group:  :collective sigh:

Now even though the freighter was empty, that kill justified them pushing the wardec on for another week.  And if the pirate group was on its game, they probably wrote that pilot’s name down for future reference.  And because that wardec got pushed out another week, they were able to catch.. Yes, ANOTHER INDUSTRIAL PILOT, in a freighter full to the brim with goodies.  So, we’re likely going to see them push out yet another week.  Hurray.. again.

So, be a good industrial pilot.  Check for war-dec BEFORE you undock.