M3 Corporation

(In Memoriam to a Great Corporation and Great Times)

M3 Corporation

Three friends, their names all beginning with the letter “M” joined together to form “M3 Corp”.  Coincidentally, Missioning, Mining, and Manufacturing was once the way of our little corp.  Back some years ago we flew in the dark recesses of the Essence Region.  Our home was in the system of Droselory and we ran our little patrols down both sides of the pipe to Villore.  We formed a legendary Drake fleet that was the bane of the pirates and the pirate organizations that frequented our little section of space.  We made many friends and for a time, we were rather happy just sitting in low-sec, minding our own business, mining, chasing pirates.  Life was good.  We even had real live women in the corp, and there was much rejoicing.

But all good things come to an end.  We became rather skilled at fending off the pirates the came to raid our space.  And as we got better, we fought more often.  It wasn’t long before M3 started to get a bit of a reputation.  And as our reputation grew, so did our opponents.  Eventually, larger and larger corporations came, even pirate alliances to test us.  We saw plenty of war and there were months where there was no break in the wardecs.

We were getting tired of the constant wardecs..

Yet, we also started to change.  As we fought, the more we enjoyed the fighting.  The more we fought, the more we began to operate as a unit.  We began to long for combat.. to seek it.  It was then we had to make a choice.  Was M3 going to remain a Missioning, Mining, and Manufacturing corporation?  Or were we going to change course completely, and focus ourselves into a fighting force?

It took many days of discussion for this would be a change from what was the dreams and thoughts of the founders Exphexis and Darth Ninjabadger.  We knew whatever choice would probably cause us to lose members.  After the days of discussion had ended however, the choice was now clear.  M3 Corporation would change…

We were going to be a PVP corporation from that day forward.

We slowly lost many good friends from that day on.  Minette, Aidrianna, just to name a few, even Exphexis himself drifted off over the years as the fighting, game changes, and even just life itself  their toll.  But we gained new friends and slowly we became more and more able and effective in combat.  Eventually, we moved from Gallente space into the Sukanan constellation in the region of Tash-Murkon.  There we honed our skills and helped change the very dynamic of the lowsec constellation itself so that it was considered a relatively safe haven by many of the locals and new inhabitants.

But even as we sharpened our combat skills, we knew our time in Sukanan was coming to an end.  Low-sec had become too restrictive.. and as we had tasted the lure of 0.0, we understood that we needed to move.  We travelled to far away regions with Intrepid Crossing and Tactical Narcotics Team.  Yet, as had become our way, we fought even when all hope was gone and we did not stop until there was truly nothing left to be gained, even honor.

Eventually, the opportunity had opened up with Paxton, near our home in Tash-Murkon.. in space that we knew… and we loved the fights.  Even as Ursha’Khan, Agony Unlimited, Noir., Chaos Theory, Opticon Alliance, Daisho, Sodalitas XX, Enforcers of Serenity, Legio Astartes Arcanum, Apocolypse Now., pushed us out.. M3 was in the middle of the fighting, covering all aspects of combat.. we brought what was needed.. and we fought until Paxton imploded.  An awful end for a great alliance.

M3 Corp then joined the fight with the Northern Coalition, under the RAGE alliance banner.  This by many standards was were we wanted to end up.  Part of the megaforces of 0.0.  However, we found that all was not roses and instead of fun times, we had long travels to far off regions where we shot at POSes to expand the NC empire or the fleets on either side were so huge that it turned Eve into a slow slideshow.  As the days and weeks passed, we found ourselves dealing with the politics that so follows large alliances like these.  One day, we collectively decided that we no longer wanted a part of this, and we began to look for a new home.

Surprisingly, N0IR., a fairly famous Providence alliance, decided they too had enough of the drama of owning 0.0 space, and opted to give all their space to CVA.  Their reasons for doing so were made rather clear as they directly said they hated the politics of the New Provi alliances and the drama that went with it and they could think of no better response than to give back CVA that space.  Recalling the good times we had in that area, we felt compelled to join back up with CVA, who welcomed us back with open arms.  We fought for CVA for a couple months, practically claiming S9X as our own as we fought face to face against former allies, Legio Astartes Arcanum, who had switched sides when AAA rolled in. 

Sadly however, there were still conflicts between m3 and CVA.   These could not be resolved by the alliance leadership, despite very vocal support by others who saw that changes needed to happen, for CVA to grow.  After seeing our own numbers get discouraged, gains lost by a mostly uninvolved alliance, and active, competant pilots being burned out, we decided that it was time to leave. 

It was in that manner that we joined Fidelas Constans, back with NC.  We saw our number swell once again and our veterans return to enjoy the bounty of stable 0.0 space.  During our time in FCon we topped the killboard charts as we fought along side famous Northern Coalition alliance Mostly Harmless, Morsus Mihi, Wildly Inappropriate, as well as our former corp, R.A.G.E.  But that space wasn’t as stable as we had hoped.  There had been previous conflicts between the Russian Coalition and the Northern Coalition.  Each time previous, the Northern Coalition handily slapped them down.  This time, however, things were different.  We fought at O2O, TVN, LS-JEP, and many other systems on the side of the losing Northern Coalition.  It was a sad day for us when we realized that we had more faith in Goons, than with what remained of the Northern Coalition.  Frustration took hold of our corp once again, but this time for many of us it included real life issues ranging from marriage to deployment and family health issues.  These frustrations and RL issues were then coupled with changes made by CCP that, to us and to many in the Eve Online community, made living in 0.0 space unprofitable.  With our membership thus drained, we felt we were no longer of use to ourselves much less FCon.

In our ever increasing fight against this new outbreak of “Bittervet Syndrome”, our CEO, Darth Ninjabadger, has ordered us to get back to our roots.. back in to the days when we roamed in smaller gangs.. and it was just us our corp who fought together.  We are starting to get back to this, though we are feeling the pains of such a change.. we will grow, despite the fire that burns us.

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