Epic Fights/Epic Losses

A place where I can bask in the glory of victory.. or the shame of utter failure.

How I fell in love with the Wolf

This significantly is what I consider my greatest success:Hard won kill

The battle above was during a conflict we were having with Hunters Imperiale, and it was soon after AFs got boosted.  I had researched nearby systems where our targets were operating and I got the solo kill bug.  I was determined to see if my new configuration for the Wolf was as good as I hoped it would be.

The fight started as I jumped into system.  Pretty soon it was just me, Ratface, and a neutral.  I decided to play around a bit and do some slow warping around.  Eventually, I caught a glimpse of him on D-Scan and was a bit nervous because a Navy Omen is considered a very capable ship nearly on par with a T2.  But, I was there to either win or to lose, not to run away.  So after a bit of cat and mouse.. we met up with each other near a planet.  We warped in pretty far apart, but we drove hard for each other and shortly were locked in battle.

I hugged his little omen like a leach doing my level best from being hit.  Figuring that I would have to deal with a MWD ship, I had fitted my Wolf with a Scram and kept manually orbiting him between 500 and 1500m.  His tank was actually fending me off quite well, but he just couldn’t hit me all that hard.  The fight seemed to go forever, but eventually his tank started to buckle.  He attempted to escape, only to realize his MWD wouldn’t work thanks to the new changes made on Scramblers.  Unable to escape, he fought on.. and brought in the neutral alt still in system.  The alt came in to the battle with a Stabber, but by that time he was having too hard of a time trying to control both ships and the Stabber was ineffectual (and he nearly lost that one as well).  In the end, The Ratface had definately fought well and “GFs” were given in local.

The Agony of just being Stupid

1am is just not a good time for me.  In fact, it’s usually a pretty good time to put the hurt on me.  Well, here’s the story of this:Epic “DOH!”

There was an inty pilot causing trouble for our local guys trying to make isk for PVP.  I had just gotten back from a PVP fleet and after docking up decided that I’ll undock in a randomly fearsome ship and if I see him, I’ll put him down.  So, I picked a local area favorite, a Panic! configured Zealot and undocked.  Right away I saw him right outside station and so I  locked him right up, but since he wasn’t red yet he was able to dock right up at our station (its Provi, what can ya do..).  So, I waited near the undock ramp and sure enough he undocks.  I locked him right up soon after he clears the undock and right away I get a good hit on him taking down his shields to 40%.  However the Taranis takes my challenge fully aware of my curse (me having no ability to fly HACs with any skill whatsoever).  And making short loops around my ship soon puts it down.  I feel extraordinarily stupid because while I did try to redock, I didn’t do anything else that was smart like try and MWD away to reduce transversal.  When my ship and pod died, all I could do was laugh.  I was an idiot that day.. and I paid for it appropriately.

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