The Gallente

History and Lore
Freedom, Democracy, and Social Reform are the hallmarks of the Gallente Federation, the second largest empire in Eve.  Considered a nation that allows individual freedoms far beyond any of the other nations, it is little wonder that it has such popularity, and more importantly, unequaled economic strength.  The modern day equivalent would be Western Europe.  As the richest of all the Eve nations, their technology comes only second to Amarr with whom they barely tolerate.  However, it is the luxury and extravegance that have made the Gallente so well known.. and popular.  They enjoy the finest of entertainment and the culture of the Gallente varies widely between its borders.  The variety of risks that can be found, are just as wide.  This has allowed many smaller peoples to feel welcomed inside the Gallente Federation, where they can save their culture from being conquered and destroyed.
The Gallente Federation sprang from a Tau Ceti colony on the world of Gallente Prime, and prior to achieving warp technology, found that they were not alone.  In fact, a nearby planet known as Caldari Prime held a human civilization of its own.  Contact was established and the two prospered.  The Gallente’s technological advancements eventually allowed them to build a stargate, and the Intakis and Mannar soon came into the fold.  As time past and the travel technology was improved, the various races allied with the Gallente formed the Gallente Federation. 
However, all was not peaceful.  The leaders of the Gallente became more and more intrusive into the affairs of its member nations, and more and more rules and regulations began to wear on the patience of those who were part of the Federation.  Eventually, a Gallente recon ship discovered a hidden Caldari outpost.  The Gallente leadership called for action, and invaded the outpost as well as demanded the location of any other existing outposts.  This turned out to be too much for the Caldari to bear and so started the Gallente-Caldari War.  The war initially went badly for Gallente Federation, as their combat ships were little more than orbital platforms designed to bombard planets.  These ships fell easily to the small, nimble fighters that were developed by the Caldari.   However, the Caldari were still outmatched, and they made their objective to take their population and leave the system to resettle elsewhere.
The Gallente, unwilling to let the Caldari leave, pulled all their resources together to stage a massive assault.  The Caldari began to slowly succumb to paranoia as each day passed without a Gallente onslaught.  A Caldari Admiral, Yakiya Tovil-Toba, directed his meager forces and jumped to Gallente Prime.  The battle waged for over a week as his fleet played a cat and mouse game with the staging Gallente forces.   Eventually, Tovil-Toba and his fleet was destroyed.   But Tovil-Toba’s last action was to direct his last ship, a heavily damage fighter-carrier, into Gallente Prime itself.  The wreckage of the ship fell on the surface of the planet, with part of it hitting a major city and killing two million of its inhabitants.  The delay caused by Tovil-Toba had allowed for the rest of the Caldari nationals to escape.  The reigning Gallente government fell.
The war continued on, despite the Caldari being no where near Gallente Prime.  The losses felt by the Gallente were too much to just overlook.  It was during this time and after some additional scathing defeats, that the Gallente began to develop combat drones.  These drones, initially little more than guided defense mines, rapidly improved with AI and robotic advancements.  Soon each side was matching improvements that the other had made.  Finally, at the battle of Iyen-Oursta, both nations threw their entire might at each other.  The result was a stalemate, with both sides claiming victory and both sides too tired to fight any longer, but too paranoid not to.  Concord, a new transnation governmental entity, came in a brokered an acceptable peace treaty within six months.
Since then, the Gallente have been able to focus more on their own economic and technological advancement.  With the lure of individual freedom, the Gallente Federation has been able to profit well from multiple sources ranging from entertainment to technological advances to weapons.  Yet this economic power has not been fully able to protect the Federation.  The Gallente Federation has been rocked because of the recent loss of Caldari Prime to Caldari forces.  Souro Foiritan, the president of the Gallente Federation, has instituted several changes to the military as well as to the government since the loss, with some of the changes considered rather dark in nature and purpose… including sizeable weapon improvements.

Important Gallente Stats:

  • Preferred Damage Type: Thermal/Kinetic
  • Preferred Tanking Type: Active Armor
  • Preferred Primary Weapon: Drones – High DPS, adaptable, and repairable on the fly, but slow getting to target and can be destroyed.
  • Preferred Secondary Weapon: Hybrids (Blasters) – High DPS, Best tracking weapon system in the game, Average Optimal/Falloff, but uses capactior power to fire.
  • Preferred Electronic Warfare: Sensor Dampeners and Warp Disruptors/Scramblers.
  • Basic Ship Combat Principle:  Gallente ships tend to be faster than Amarrian ships in principle, however in fleets, Gallente ships are passively tanked.  Active armor tanking is only beneficial in small gang situations.  Both Drone and Blaster weapon systems are ideally used at close range.  Sensor Dampeners can be used to force the enemy to come closer to engage.
  • Allies: Minmatar
  • Pirates who use Gallente Tech: Serpentis, Guristas, Angel Cartel

Ships Reviewed

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