After two months of effort, we leave behind CVA to go look for a new home.

We leave behind quite a bit of history, and personally, I don’t think m3 will be back in this area for a long time and probably never again under the CVA banner.  It is unfortunate because both m3 and CVA had high hopes.  Together, we wanted to rebuild Providence back to its glory days.  Together, we wanted to re-establish what had been the most exciting and fun times m3 had ever had.  Our goals seemed to be the same, and we felt strongly that whatever flaws CVA had.. they had been reduced enough that CVA could once again become a force in Providence again.

But, while some things had changed, others had stayed the same.  We did try to work within the system, but at times.. the culture of CVA pushed back against us, unwilling to break what had become the “status quo”.  At other times, our own new-found arrogance, arrogance that was completely undeserved, seemed to keep us from being a part of the CVA and to operate even within those parts of CVA that did work.  Both of those problems seemed to cause a negative air to form within M3.  Members, XOs, even Directors, after contending with Real Life, felt little desire to go back into the breach.  I was unhappy enough that I re-subscribed to “Fallen Earth” and played that for a little while.  (Course, it didn’t help that I was in the worst US TZ too.  It was a real pain to log in after work, only to find that a roaming fleet had just finished their operation.. and no new fleet was replacing it.)  Our CEO decided that we should both re-organize and find a new home to rebuild in.

Not that there weren’t some high points.  We helped in the take over and defense of several systems, as well as established ourselves as a feared presence in and around S9X.  We also helped to remove the New Provi residents though Ev0ke+friends and internal strife made the job much easier.

I do leave CVA with a couple pieces of advice, things I already shared with you:

First, CVA has quite a few good people in it.  You have the strategic and tactical skills of Ramquai and Balinn.  You have the drive and heart of Wildcard Trek, Kra Ra, and Garreck.  You also have your Alliance leader Aralis who without fail, every day that I was on, was doing his level best to get into any and every fleet he could (I have a newfound respect for Aralis because of it).  You also have several pilots, who both in spirit and in action, keep CVA a fighting force.  So, if any of you who are still in CVA wish for it to survive.. step up, get out of your daily pattern of doing your own thing.. and start doing things for the alliance.  Protip:  Feel free to humilate any longtime member who complains about the costs of ships.. especially those who only come in Interceptors or T1 cruisers.  People like that only hurt morale and bring very little benefit to a fleet, so its good for the alliance and your corp if they leave. 

Second, get rid of the fat.  Just like in real life, if you don’t keep a healthy, active membership.. you’re alliance is going to suffer.  And CVA has a lot of fat.  What’s worse is that some of that fat has become a cancer in the form of ones who, despite not even playing Eve anymore, still post on your forums and still demand that their views be counted.  That is an insult to all the active people in CVA.  Whether they are Roleplaying or not, they have no place dictating anything to a single active player.  Don’t give it a second thought.. just get rid of them.

CVA, despite what garbage is spewed by NCdot and others on Kugs (NCdot got very shy with their capitals hotdrops after they got stomped by AAA via a little CVA trap), still has a chance to become a major player.  But it can’t happen if CVA can’t get its people to wake up, rally, and dedicate itself individually to that cause.

For an additional viewpoint, Kirith also posed on this subject: http://www.ninveah.com/2011/01/so-long-cva.html