So, finally, after two months I am now back in game.  Fiber Optic connection is rather nice!  I spent my first two days ratting in high-sec, exchanging LP, getting expired contracts re-priced and back on the market again (P.S. for you Russians out there I have a fully outfitted Sniper Maelstrom for sale in TVN, and a Zealot that I used since the days of Provi 1.0 for sale in Tribute).  Finally on the third day, I decided it was time to make.. the “Loser’s Run”.  Oddly enough, it wasn’t all that exciting, despite having to go through three now red station systems.  I was able to safely get back to RQH.

Having come back, I get myself re-familiar with the new political dynamics.  For example, our A-Team, hot shot buddies, Mostly Harmless and Morsus Mihi, who recently made FCon full NC members.. have now set us red.  Goonswarm, on the other hand, are now our good buddies.

Did I mention to you how much I hate Goons?  Did I also mention to you that I have been in alliances double-crossed by Goonswarm at least twice?

Did I also mention to you how Goons were the only ones willing risk Capital ships during the defense of the NC?

Yeah, both myself and Greyhound37 are still pondering the deeper meaning of this, and both of us are sure that Maximus Decimus would personally take on the entire Goonswarm (and if victory was based on pure energy, hatred, and will.. then I would bet on Max) if he weren’t part of the lifeblood and soul of m3 Corp.  Maybe Goonswarm has matured?  Maybe all the boneheaded, stab-ya-in-da-back members moved to TEST?  Maybe PL and DRF are a greater threat than a small coalition living in space that is either the worst, or second worst, in the game since the arrival of Dominion?  Or maybe Goonswarm want a buffer zone between them and DRF.

Personally, I’m hoping that our new coalition, the “Ginger Coalition” (a name which everyone.. including those in charge of putting it together.. agree is pretty bad) might have the diplomatic wherewithall to form NIPs with our new neighbors.  NCdot and Ev0ke now are our neighbors and are currently harrassing us.  We’ve seen NCdot and Ev0ke before.  We’ve dealt with them back after the fall of Providence 2.0 when Ev0ke invaded from the West and CVA invaded from the East.  I’m surprised that CVA hasn’t sent DRF thank you notes because CVA (well, some CVA and mostly their friends) have started to take back bits of Providence.  In sub-cap fleet fights, CVA stood toe to toe with NCdot and Ev0ke.  The trouble is that both NCdot and Ev0ke will hotdrop faster than fat kid scarfing down a twinkie.  Not sure where the fun is in that, but to each their own.  NCdot has taken over much of Morsus Mihi space and Ev0ke seems content to keep their holdings in Providence.

What will happen next?  Not sure.  Pure Blind is pretty crappy space and I doubt that DRF could make a profit off of it by renting it out, so I don’t think that will happen.  Ev0ke and NCdot are pretty good buddies right now so it may be that they’ll want to be close by each other.. but if Ev0ke is going to make a move like that, I would figure they would want better space than what they have.. and Pure Blind isn’t it.  And since Goonswarm has officially pronounced us blue to them, and there is no real benefit to them backstabbing us.. even for lols, I suspect that we’re going to be the punching bag for NCdot and Ev0ke.  This could be mutually beneficial, as when AAA used CVA to help refine its sub-cap fleets and FC, or it could be stupid as when they would hot drop anything that so much as looked at them funny.  Personally, I’d like our Ginger Coalition to conditionally NIP Evoke and NCdot, IF they actually want small gang roams and such.

We’ll just have to see.