(Warning:  this is a off-the-cuff rant.  Factual information may or may not be included)

Did it?

That is a question I find myself asking as I watch the ongoing DRF forces roll now into the Southern regions after -A-.  When Supercaps were introduced, the impression CCP gave was that a major alliance would be able to afford one, maybe two.  Now there are hundreds just in one alliance and it has taken CCP this long just to recognize that there was a problem in the first place!  Even in a recent interview indicated that they had planned to rework Electronic Attack Frigates before Supercarriers (yeah, them Electronic Attack Frigates are WAY too powerful man..).

As I watch the various alliances like DRF, the Northern Coalition, Pandemic Legion, etc.  I still am not sure CCP really grasps the problem, because while they say they are “balancing” them, they have propogated so much that even if they were severely nerfed, the DRF alone still has an overwhelming number of them, much less Pandemic Legion, -A-, and on and on.  CCP isn’t likely to destroy the DRF any time soon (and I still think that some in CCP are in cahoots with them – such as the change to only ECM NPCs, ( i.e. Guristas) that made the higher end anomolies more difficult and slower to run.. but got “fixed” soon after the NC fell?  Or how about the change to the Anomolies.. that directly affected those pilots supporting the NC.. but not the DRF?  And then there was the Jump Bridge issue, which wonderfully co-insided with the retreat of the remaining forces of the former NC.. who now had to reconfigure their jump bridge network and support logistics RIGHT at the exact time the DRF and friends were mounting another invasion.  Yeah, I am VERY curious to see if such “changes” happen when the DRF is on the defensive).

So, what will these changes bring?  Will the hundreds of Supercaps explode the moment they log on?  Because I think that will be the only way back to making 0.0 better for smaller, but more active alliances.