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So.. here I am, reading the following article on the EveNews24 Site.

Being the diligent sort of person I try to be, I go and check out the drama that invariable unfolds.  The biggest part of the drama is, of course, the Hydra/Outbreak ending to Alliance Tournament IX, which.. if I may remind everyone, was simply the stupidest and dull ending to the alliance tourney.  Period.  Were they allowed to do it?  Yes.  Should they have done it.. oh hell no.

Of course, one of the commentors to the game says this:

Banning two of the strongest teams will only serve to reduce the quality of the tournament and make for less interesting viewing. Tell them not to train together, sure, but banning them is silly and outright harmful to the tourney as a spectacle/showcase.
If that commentor is reading this blog.. I think you forgot a little something like this:


Yes, pretty lame.  So, your point about the “best” teams is thus INVALID.  Your point about their removal “reducing the quality of the Tournament” is INVALID.  Their banning being “silly and outright harmful” is equally INVALID.  You can’t do worse than what they did!

I watch sports to enjoy the match-up.  So, if I see two bad teams try their hardest to beat the other, it’s still a pretty fun thing to watch.  It may be hilarious, but it still is fun.  When I see two top of the line teams just fall over and play dead.  That isn’t enjoyable.  It’s not quality, It’s not fun.

It’s just annoying.

And to be clear, to me their INCLUSION into the Tourney would be far more harmful because then some other bunch of idiots would do the same thing and waste everyone’s time.. again.

So, Kudos to CCP Sreegs for basically taking them to task for wasting everyone’s time and more importantly.. for wasting your efforts.  CCP should have banned both of you from the tournament for life and I think they should hunt down every single one of those gifts you got and blow them up on gates.. just for giggles.

Oh, and my thought.. Let the winners of Alliance Tournament 10 not be allowed in Alliance Tournament 11.