As my corpmate pointed out: WE HAVE A NEW HOME!!


While I do believe a good portion of the m3 posse has been in large 0.0 space before, this will be my first time having to figure out how to operate in a large swath of space.  I’ve already got a basic fleet established in one of our home stations and a fair amount of banked isk (always a wise thing to have when moving) for replacements.  I’ve also scoped out some nearby temporary systems to rat in until we found out where they wanna put us.

One of the things that I am starting to review is the ship setups they want us to use in fleet.  Paxton Federation and CVA were quite focused on maintaining an armor tanked fleet revolving around the Amarr ship philosophy but  R.A.G.E. seems to be a bit more flexible in that regard.  I am looking forward to seeing the logic and combat effectiveness of the fleet fits they are using, but its already clear that I will need to finish up my captial skills and start work on my probing skills too.

And now that we are back in 0.0 space, I can also start work on some other combat fits that I want to mess around with.  I’ve got a line on what looks like a pretty sweet Ashimmu configuration as well as some T2 Amarr Cruiser/Recon configurations.  So expect to see a couple fitting posts here in the next couple weeks.

In regards to the Alliance Tournament, I will have to say that I was very surprised at a couple outcomes, particularly Noir. and CVA.  In dealing with Noir., they gave a pretty good synapsis of what went wrong here:, and in accordance with what happened, I did see alot of T3 ships being used as secondary logistic ships during the tournament.  With CVA’s loss, my heart goes out to the Rook pilot who probably didn’t realize (or just forgot) that he was that close to the out of bounds.  CVA had put together a pretty solid fleet in my opinion and so did their opponents, so its really hard to determine which way the match would have gone had the Rook stayed in.  He was taking heavy fire and he went out of bounds at probably 20 to 30 percent shields, but if I remember right, CVA still had their logistics on the field.  Darkside. was able to use that mistake to win the match and CVA will have to train harder next time around.

So, until next time, keep your guns loaded and your enemies running.