The station bay doors opened to reveal the docking platform to where the “Holy Fang” would dock.  As rich and powerful as capsuleers were, there were just simply too many of them to have individualized docking locations in any station, so most capsuleers just took what was available.  A sparce, sanitized room that only felt home to poor Minmatar pilots.  It’s little wonder why they never charged for it.

Orakkus undocked from his pod, the biofluid splashing ungracefully onto the metal grate and into the stainless washways below, and walked up the stairs.  Environmental fields had been turned down, only allowing for the temperature and air flow not to be freezing.  He put on a black jump suit, the name Noir. embroidered on the breast and his old M3 Corp logo attached to the shoulder.  The suit was fairly new, and it was still strange to Orakkus not to have any rank.  He swallowed his pride and took the stairs up to the docking computer.

The standardized deck computer began listing messages, mostly advertisements for the lastest Caldari made “vitality” pill.  Orakkus checked the system filter, made a few minor adjustments, and the remaining spam disappeared from the holoscreen.  The resulting messages were not of any interest, so he walked back to the spartan living quarters and sat down on the comfortable sofa.  The wallscreen activated the moment his ship had docked, spewing the latest news that is supposed to be relevant to capsuleers.

Orakkus was nearly asleep when he heard a strange, slight ringing.  He tilted his head, and the sound happened again.  Looking around, he saw the vidscreen was still on, as well as various other holoscreens, but none of them seem to be making noise.  The sound happened a few times more before he noticed a flashing light at the entrance door.

That was strange.

Since capsuleers are fairly vulnerable outside their ship, there was several layers of security both at the station, and from the pilot’s side as well.  So either this was a very, very good agent, or, more likely, a drunk capsuleer.. or worse, an “escort”.  Unfortunately, Orakkus couldn’t tell from the side cameras.  Whoever it was seemed intent on being let in.  On the plus side, it definately was a female.  Orakkus’ activated the voice comms, “Hey, give me a moment.”

Orakkus ran a few more scans, and they came up negative for the usual things:  weapons, poisons, pamplets, STDs.  They all came up negative, so he got up and walk to the door.  He touched a combination on the side panel, and the door slid open.  Orakkus looked up..

and immediately recognized the face.  “Son of a bitch.” he said.

But a more accurate term would have been “Sister of a bitch.”