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I am a purpose-driven pilot.

Give me goals, give me targets, give me plans.

As such, I was excited when a few weeks ago we got the go ahead to join a new alliance out in some space that I haven’t played in for a very… very long time (pre-m3 Corp days).  Our new alliance is SILENT., and we joined up with them just as they moved into a new area of low-sec Metropolis space.  Apparently, their previous home was just too dull.  That being said, we are learning to deal with several new obstacles that have made their presence known.  Ranging from your typical low-sec pirates, to spying Faction Warfare, to Eve University training grounds, and even a Moon that Pandemic Legion kiped from the locals before we got there.  And the three to four systems we’ve opted to hang out in.. are a bit small for the size of our increasing alliance.

It feels a lot like I’m on the ground floor.  My CEO, Corelin, and our Director, Shootin’ Star, are starting to discuss our options for making Fancy Hats better focused.  I’m hoping to get some of the more successful lessons learned from m3 Corp to be incorporated.  Both Corelin and myself see quite a few things that could be used to improve, not only Fancy Hats, but also SILENT.  But, at this point, I think the main focus is just understanding our situation.

Still, despite the feeling that the entire alliance is in the beginning stages of construction, I am seeing progress develop reasonably quickly.  This is a pretty good sign to me because that tells me most of the folks are serious about making SILENT. a success.  Corelin and I have both been using our blogs to sort of.. oh, hint, to the alliance about possible things for consideration.  Some messages tend to get better recieved if they aren’t directed at any particular person or organization.

Personally, I am trying to get a few things like Skill Standards and more active forum use established, just basic things right now before I start pushing more elaborate, but beneficial, regulations.  I’ll be real excited when the alliance begins to decide on focusing everyone on specific ship types and fleet makeups.  Though, I gotta be honest, we’re going to have to deal with the “Catch-22” of PVP participation before we go there.

However, I don’t think it’ll be too long before we might be able to stand stronger, and perhaps, “convince” PL to let us have that moon that is in our own backyard.