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Life, as it seems, is currently kicking me squarely in the jimmy…  or at least seems to be enjoying positioning itself to do just that.  Work has gone from being slightly behind to being far, far behind based on a single meeting.  I went from being the joyfully expectant owner of a new house to being near postal because the loan I was supposed to get has a little bitty caveat that essentially discounts a sizable portion of my income while at the same time, increases what I have to consider as debt.

Yeah, not happy.  Especially since I put the bid on a good friend’s house. 

In the Eve world, my alt is slowly progressing to be an industrial powerhouse the LIKES OF WHICH HAVE ONLY BEEN SEEN SINCE THE DAYS OF.. well.. pretty much every day.  The “alt” can now fly a Retriever and is undertaking the second to last long, slow haul toward getting a Hulk.  Sadly (or maybe not so sadly), he will still be in a Covetor until after Hulkaggedon is done.

Fancy Hats Corp is working towards refining and giving itself some distinctiveness by focusing on… PVP logistics.  It was figured that, in most alliances, it is difficult to find people willing to do logistics.  However, the Fancy Hats CEO and leadership are formulating a plan where our pilots feel both comfortable and capable of stepping up to that plate and doing so whenever needed.  I think this will give us an edge in joining alliances if we can bring not just pilots who can fly logistics, but full trained and prepared pilots who have a well-working and solid operations plan.  This will be our major focus, though not our only skillset as we want our pilots to be PVP proficient too.  So, I’ll be excited to see how it plays out.