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Okay, there are few things like this that TOTALLY make my morning.

But, this.. yeah.. the Frills are back… and even cooler than before..

And now.. the NEW Stabber!

And the new Vagabond!

Und I screamed like a little girrrl!

Frigate Love

The rest of the blog had some pretty cool things in it like the final iteration of the second combat frigs like Breacher, Tristan, and Kestrel.  Looks like the Minmatar Breacher will be a short range missile/Active shield tank frigate, compared to Kestrel which sounds like it retains its dominiance in longer range missile systems.  The Tristan looks to be a dedicated drone boat.

New Destroyer Hulls Confirmed!

The new Tier 2 Destroyers have not been released exactly aside from telling us that they will have 13 slots and will provide a more rounded arsenal to each race, but for Minmatar and Amarr, they will be more focused on secondary weapon systems (missiles for Minmatar and drones for Amarr).  On the flipside, however, the Gallente and Caldari now get a destroyer that actually uses their main weapon systems as the focal point for damage.

Bonus Winter Expansion Addition – Tech 1 Cruisers Balanced!

Alright.. there is clearly a lot of love going around:

You remember those old, crappy hulls you got into for about five minutes to try mining, then moved on the moment you realized that they could survive a sneeze?  Ships like the Scythe, the Osprey, the Auguror, and the Exequror?  Well, they no longer are mining ships and will soon have a place in the combat fleet (probably in FW fleets to be sure) as support logistics ships.  It will definately be interesting how they will fare against their Tech 2 betters.

Electronic Warfare Cruisers will begin to make a real showing for the first time, instead of the Frankenstein ships that we were originally given.  The Blackbird, of course, will probably not see much of a change as it is already a strong Tech 1 EW cruiser.  However, the Arbitrator will retain its current “form”, but will get a boost nonetheless to keep it on par with the new EW cruiser revamp.  The Celestis will be getting a boost, but this boost looks like it will extend into Sensor Dampening itself.  This could be interesting as there really hasn’t been much love for that particular E-War in a while.  This sounds like it is a work in progress.  The surprise is what is planned for the Bellicose.  It is to become a sort of Combat Recon similar to the Caracal.. only with Target Painters.  That sounds really cool, actually..

Both groups of combat cruisers are also on the list for review, with the Stabber/Omen/Caracal/Thorax being slated for fast attack style cruisers.  It looks like they have an idea already of what they want to do with them as they were pretty descriptive about the changes.. though they left out the nitty-gritty details.  The other group of combat cruisers, such as the Rupture, the Vexor, the Moa, and the Maller are also being reviewed.  All these ships look like they are going to have improve resiliance and damage bonus capabilities.

But still!!  FRILLS!!!!

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