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Okay, too many good things were being said by everyone who blogs about Retribution.  So, I resubbed.  The break was nice and needed, but it is hard to think of any other MMO as “deep”, when you compare it to Eve Online.  LOTRO though is definately a nice way to take that break, some challenge, and a community that is the polar opposite of the Eve community.  Even the mindsets are opposite, so it can be nice to go there when the vitrol and angst of Eve gets a little too deep in your bones.

First thing I did when I logged back in: Grabbed all four Sensor Strength skillbooks and got them in training, particularly Ladar.

Second thing I did?  Oogled by Vagabond.  Wow… (Pause for a few minutes in rememberance)

Still… Wow.. can’t say enough good things about that model.  Never.

Alright since I last logged out, Kraken. has pulled itself out of Faction Warfare and is now deploying in null-sec.  The downshot is that several systems that were seen as Kraken. home turf in the Caldari-Gallente war have fallen into Gallente hands.  Considering that I had quite a few assets there, I was a bit nervous about losing ships trying to get them to a new location.  The good news was that I was pretty well undisturbed while pulling all my assets out of Enaluri, with every ship and every module safely tucked away back in high-sec.

So, our new deployment (which appears to have gone off without very many hitches), places us in deep Wicked Creek fighting against AAA/Solar.  Since it seems that the Russian coalition has fragmented, I am going to have to spend some serious time trying to figure out who is who.  The funny part is that this is one of the areas that The Fancy Hat Corp was thinking of moving to back prior to joining Faction Warfare.

The most interesting thing about this move is that NCdot appears to be playing a part.  My experience with NCDot has been with downfall of the original Northern Coalition as well as with their takeover of Providence systems alongside Ev0ke, back when m3 Corp was helping CVA try to win back Provi (I think this was Provi 3.0 or something by this time).  Recent history for them also includes a powerplay within OTEC too, which ended in them not fairing so well.  There appeared to be some other real life drama related to that as well, which supposedly included a few choice words and choice actions.

This change will be interesting in a technical way however, in regard to the Retribution expansion.  One of the major factors of Retribution was not only to make all Tech 1 ships viable for use, but to change how Tech 1, Tech 2, and Tech 3 ships were precieved and used in PVP.  I don’t expect much as far as changes to the major alliance’s fleet doctrines yet, though I imagine Goonswarm, Pandemic Legion, and a few others have already got their new initial fleet doctrines ready to go now (and those fleet-fits will get copied soon enough).  Still, it will be exciting to see how Tiercide plays out in the world of null-sec.

Which reminds me, I need to change my bio..