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First off, let’s go classical.. Very classical:

Then, let’s do history.. Ancient History:

Both are very, very sweet for their own reasons.  Probably the best one of the classical version was Merchants, Looters, and Ghosts.  But still going through it to make sure I don’t miss any nuances.

Now, as you have probably seen, CCP Games has been really, REALLY been focusing on getting the Lore of Eve Online more.. real.  More alive.  As far as RPG MMOs go, Eve Online has had a real tough time in the past making the story of Eve compelling.  The lore of Eve really didn’t answer the question of “Why are the differences important?”  Even if it is purely cosmetic, it generally does need to feel somewhat like the choice you made for a particular character is important and not just some cookie cutter persona.

Well, CCP has seemed to finally understand that in order to bring in new players, you need to bring some individuality, some story, to make the game more personal.  What CCP  has done is address this situation in five different ways.

First was Incarna.  Like it or not, it was a very intelligent idea that has the potential to bring a HUGE and AMAZING amount of diversity and content into the next decade.  If you don’t think so, sorry, you are dead wrong.  There is almost limitless potential for content and game mechanics once Avatars are truly released into the game.  Of course, that last part is the devil in the details.

The Second was Aura.. or rather the fixing of Aura, which then with the Jita Riots because the fixing of hundreds of annoying bugs and concept failures and even then become still more with the re-iteration of new game mechanics that is still on going.  Most outstanding of these has been Faction Warfare changes and Tiercide.

The Third was the Eve Online books.  Predictably they were going a bit out there with them, but I’d say they are no worse than your typical HALO or Battletech book either.  They have continued with this and morphed it into some very powerful ideas, where the players actually do write up the stories that will get published.

The Fourth has been the re-introduction of consistent live events, headed by Team Illuminati.  While they are still working on getting more players to become involved, the events are regular and announced on Twitter and on the forums.

The Fifth aspect of this the re-introduction of the Store.  While it certainly is an obvious way to make money, it still plays on a player’s loyalty to a particular group.  In effect, the store can’t make money unless CCP makes it more desirous to be a part of one group or another.  For CCP to re-establish the store indicates a PERMANENT intent to develop the backstory, the history, the Lore, and the character of Eve Online, which will also entail DUST 514 into that context.

Yes, it will be very interesting in the next year.