Kirith Kodachi recently discussed the idea of what a World of Tanks style quick-match element would bring to EVE Online. Would the opportunity for a quick combat interest you? How could it be implemented? Could it be done without having a negative impact on existing gameplay elements? Or does such a concept have no place in EVE?

I’ve read quite a few blogs regarding this topic.. and interestingly, the thoughts behind them are pretty common.  In fact, I’ll list those who are in favor of these ideas:

In fact the only one I found against it was Ender Black at Pod Goo –

(Just a quick note, there was a lot of information there, so I may have missed something.  If your position is different, let me know.)

Here’s my take on the issue:

I think we should have it, but the view should be done like how we do boxing matches, World Wrestling Federation matches, and the Alliance Tournaments.  It should be mostly about the show.  Here is how I would set this up.

  1. First, make Arenas an establishment, and Arena combat be instanced combat.  The combat wouldn’t take place outside the station.. it would take place INSIDE the station.  Player own Arena establishments could have, say three or four, seperate arena areas where they have limited room to fight.
  2. Have these Arena establishments be able to lock out certain arenas for specific use.  Sure, you can have one or two for the public, but maybe you want to keep a “sports” team as it were.
  3. Set up the Gambling Establishment so that they can view the fight in real time as well as make isk bets on who will win and lose.
  4. Be able to adjust both the obstacles on the course AND environmental conditions like in wormholes.  The conditions will have to be publically available and they can also be randomized.
  5. Use real ships and have real losses too, including Killmails.  I would suggest even getting different killmails so that an Arena player might be able to establish a reputation of sorts, without the Real world of Eve messing it up.

Basically, I envision a place (either low-sec or null-sec) where you dock up, go to the establishments area, and you notice your favorite arena fighter is playing here tonight (yes, you could even follow them, like they do with normal sports).  So, you think he’s going to win this time as the opponent is a no-name starter from Amarr Hi-sec.  So you go to the Gambling Establishment, and pay to hook up to see the game.  You’re rich right now so you bet 100mil on your guy.  The screen pops up and you can either do a chase cam on either guy or select one of four or six orbiting cameras to follow the action.  The screen scrolls the list of environmental challenges that have been added.

The fight looks good, both frigates are weaving in and out of various platforms and holes, trying not to lose lock or to get caught up.. and just when you think your guy is going to win.. he seems to make a rookie mistake.. gets caught on a platform you know he could miss.  The no-name guy just shreds him and he comes off the victor.

You however, pissed at losing a 100mil and sure your guy took a dive.. undock from the station.. and wait for some payback.