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I have read the books.  Well, all but the latest.

I have read all the Chronicles and Short Stories.

I have read as many of the player stories as I could.

But, I often find myself thinking, if I had to pick again in Faction Warfare, who would it be?  Would I even look into Faction Warfare again?  What about Eve as a whole?

I like Faction Warfare, don’t get me wrong.  It’s one of the few areas where if I can’t find a fleet, I can go out solo and try my hand at 1vs1 PVP while also doing some tasks to make isk.  I may not like it as much after the Retribution update, but then again maybe I’ll like it even more.  Either way, the problem is still there.  I don’t FEEL about why I fight.  I may be the only one, but I kinda like to have a reason for PVP.  It makes me think like I am doing something important.  Retribution is supposed to change some of that in Faction Warfare, because right now most of the LP farmers fly Incursii (I just like saying that word) in plexes, and for me in my Slasher all I have to do is catch them and then they add a few kills to my Board, the now dead ship adds a few modules to my cargo space, and the Caldari State thanks me with some LP.

And that’s it.  Sure, I may temporarily slow down a system capture (not that the LP farmers care mind you.. in fact, they hope that it DOESN’T get turned too soon), but there isn’t a gut level desire to appease the Caldari, or anyone in the Caldari hierarchy.  Why, as a Minmatar pilot should I care about Minmatar views?  Why, although being in Caldari FW, care about how successful they are or aren’t?  Right now, if you say “Minmatar”, I think “Red”.  You tell me “Amarr”, I think “Yellow”.  You tell me “Gallente”, I think “Green”, and if you tell me “Caldari”, I think “Blue”.. because at my level the names are practically meaningless.  There is no feeling from the game that Caldari is different from Minmatar is different from Gallente is different from Amarr.  Even the MISSIONS are the same, with only different puppets being shown.

I mentioned something of this back when I talked about racism in Eve Online.. or rather the conspicous lack of racism in Eve.  All the races should FEEL different, all the interactions between the races should be different.  Gallente should, in general, think of Minmatar as a lost, broken people struggling as a victim of Amarr oppression and dominance, likewise the Minmatar would practically be worshipful of the Gallente’s extravagance and luxury, or distainful of the coddling and pity from the Gallente.  The Amarr should be only somewhat tolerant of the Caldari, who appear to worship money rather than God, but yet find a similar streak of Loyalty that they can respect.  The Caldari on the other hand probably sees the Loyalty the Amarr display as weak, but cannot deny their pure dedication to task and the religous devotion that has made them the most advanced race their space (outside of the Jovians).

I should FEEL that.  I should feel the distain that the Caldari have towards me as some primative race, dirty, disqusting, and savage.  But at the same time I should FEEL why I would want to side with the Caldari on anything.  The Minmatar and Caldari share a border and fight, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it was always that way.  There should be always the underlying current going on between all the empires, and the pirate groups.  Oddly enough, while CCP did themselves a serivce with hiring an economist, I think they should have also hired a sociologist/cultural expert to see about manipulating (yes, I went there) the dynamic between nations.  Some noble, some not so noble.  Remember, these are powerful nations that are seeking advantage at every angle.  They are alive and ruling over TRILLIONS of people, each with different cultures, each with a desire to be at the top within each empire..

At this point, I begin to think that Incursions was, instead of a fun mechanic, was a grand opportunity missed.  Incursions clearly are fun and have the possibility of being financially profitable.  But suppose instead of having it be an on-going issue, they instead make it something that happens for two months, and then in the next two months an “incursion” happens but this time its the Amarr attacking Blood Raider space, and you can choose to help the Amarr or the Blood Raiders defend their turf, and the resulting Loyalty points for the victor allows them to buy at good prices, even fixes standings with the various pirate or faction groups.  Each “incursion” could be played off of a timeline that CCP keeps to themselves, so that if the Amarr wins, then something happens like they get more space and some of that space becomes high-sec, but if Blood Raiders win, some of the Amarr High-sec space breaks down into low-sec or even NPC null-sec space.  What if the resulting win/loss translates into some other event, for example a Blood Raider win, spurns an incursion by Guristas into Caldari space?  Or maybe a Minmatar incursion into Amarr space.  With each incursion happening every two to three months, that gives CCP plenty of time to write a backstory.. or better yet, form missions and events that lead to the backstory and then the incursion.

Yeah, probably too much.  There are other things CCP could do as well, like bringing up the news right when we log on about things that happened in our region… if you live in High-sec, Low-sec, and NPC space even.  What about the propoganda that every nation feeds itself and others about how good it is?

Its not just our story.. its also CCP’s story that we are in.  I wouldn’t mind it being more obvious, ya know?